Bruce Willis releases statement after ‘refusing’ to wear mask in LA pharmacy – The Independent

Bruce Willis has said his choice not to wear a facemask at a pharmacy in LA at the weekend was “a mistake in judgement”.

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In a photo shared by his oldest daughter Rumer, the star was seen wearing an orange utility boiler fit from the 1998 asteroid film, which he paired with black fitness instructors and a makeshift facemask made out of a bandana.

She included the hashtag: “#thismanisadamnledgend.

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” He said this is His conserving the [world] outfit (Actual one from Armageddon),” Williss child wrote on Instagram.

The 65-year-old Die Hard actor was photographed leaving a Rite Aid store and, according to a report in Page Six, was asked to leave the premises after he “refused” to wear a mask.

” It was an error in judgment,” Willis told People in a statement. “Be safe out there everyone and lets continue to mask up.”
Californias Covid-19 death toll reached 30,000 today, and there are presently more than two million cases in the state. It is changing Disneyland into a mass vaccine circulation site as the coronavirus rise overwhelms medical facilities.

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