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Intel is making a few of the thinnest video gaming laptops ever at CES 2021One of the most significant stories at CES 2021 for gamers is Intels announcement of the 11th generation Tiger Lake-H35 processors, which need to trigger the arrival of the thinnest video gaming laptops weve seen so far. The laptops will likely be pricey and theres no release date for the processors yet, however we reckon more info will follow soon.



In a common year, CES takes control of Las Vegas for almost a week, with tech brands and press originating from all over the world to meet, make deals, and cover the current announcements completely. How any of that will occur when its online-only is sort of hard to predict, but its something the CTA has been hammering out for months, so were expecting things to run smoothly.
Future CES events have definitive dates, too. CES 2022 and CES 2023 are arranged for January 5-8, while CES 2024 is booked for January 9-12.

Monday, Jan. 11: Morning.
7:00 – 7:30 AM EST – Hisense.
8:00 – 8:30 AM EST – LG Electronics and Bosch.
9:00 AM – 9:30 AM EST – Samsung Electronics and HERE Technologies.
10:00 – 10:30 AM EST – Panasonic and Philips and Skyworth.
11:00 – 11:30 AM EST – Canon and TCL and Mercedez-Benz.


Whats occurred at CES so far? As you can see below, rather a bit. Weve recapped all of the CES 2021 highlights, in case you missed the major announcements from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony, among numerous others.
Theres been a wave of big news across 8K TVs, rollable tablets, inexpensive 5G smart devices, terrifyingly capable drones, and faster laptop chipsets. Obviously, theres likewise been a generous sprinkling of strange tech, consisting of Moflin the AI pet robotic, wise face masks and a spectacularly unneeded video gaming chair from Razer.
In brief, theres a lot to catch up on. Regardless of being a remote, virtual experience this year, CES 2021 has revealed that its still a weird and fantastic way to get a taster of the tech year ahead. Day 3 will continue to add to the highlights list, however right now here are all the statements you must learn about from the tech extravaganza.
Quick CES 2021 wrap-up
So far, the biggest story of CES 2021 has perhaps been the LG Rollable smartphone, which we saw for the very first time in a short teaser trailer. That doesnt suggest there havent been some other strong competitors for the CES spotlight.

Nvidias graphics card lineup simply got a great deal more confusingAt CES 2021, Nvidia launched a wide variety of graphics cards, both for laptops and even a new Ampere desktop graphics card: the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. One of the big things I observed, nevertheless, is that a number of the SKUs now have an inflated VRAM spec, and it type of makes the whole Nvidia RTX 3000 lineup a bit complicated..

Day two was the turn of the graphics card titans, with Nvidia and AMD both delivering huge news. The confirmation that Nvidias RTX 3000 graphics cards are coming to gaming laptops is substantial news that could see next-gen laptop computers get here with a major performance boost. Not to be surpassed, AMD fought back by revealing off its interesting Ryzen 5000 series of mobile processors.
This followed numerous big CES 2021 stories in TVs and house theater land on the previous day. A landmark statement was LG Displays confirmation that 42-inch OLED TVs will introduce this year. Weve been waiting on OLED tech to arrive in smaller sized screen sizes for a while, so this could be big news if youve been considering getting a second screen for your house this year.
Keener to update your house movie theater audio? Samsung likewise revealed a brand-new Dolby Atmos soundbar, which might be its most immersive yet and set well with its new flagship 8K TV, the Samsung Neo QN900 8K QLED TELEVISION. The tech giant also revealed some AI-powered washers and dryers for those people who are unimpressed by the intelligence of our home devices, and verified that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will show up on Thursday.
With Sony likewise flaunting its Airpeak drone for the first time and TCL verifying that itll be introducing a collapsible or rollable phone this year, CES 2021 has been a fantastic sneak peek of the most significant launches coming this year– here are all of the most amazing stories up until now.
CES 2021 highlights

New 42-inch OLED TVs are on the way– however which TELEVISION brand names will get them?In the market for a small TELEVISION this year? You may soon get the option of choosing an OLED, with LG Display verifying at CES that new 42in OLED TV panels are coming in 2021. Right now, bargain bucket LCD TVs tend to control the smaller sized screen sizes, however were eagerly anticipating seeing OLEDs become an alternative.

CES 2021: Whats on.
A press release on the CES site initially put the CES 2021 dates at January 6-9, nevertheless those dates have actually because shifted to January 11-14, 2021..
That first day of the program will be keynotes from AMD, General Motors, Verizon and the CTA themselves, plus interview from LG, Sony and Samsung.
Heres the total January 11 press day schedule offered by the CTA:.

Monday, Jan. 11: Afternoon.
Midday – 12:30 PM EST – Magna International and Kohler.
1:00 – 1:30 PM EST – Intel/Mobileye.
2:00 – 2:30 PM EST – OMRON Healthcare.
3:00 – 3:30 PM EST – Caterpillar and CTAS 2021 Tech Trends to Watch.
4:00 – 4:30 PM EST – Schneider Electric and Taiwan Tech Arena.
5:00 – 5:30 PM EST – Sony.

Samsungs new Dolby Atmos soundbar might be its most immersive yetIf youve been constructing a cinema-rivaling house theater system, then Samsung might simply have actually provided the final piece of the puzzle– a high-end Q-Series soundbar with Dolby Atmos assistance and some seriously ingenious rear speakers. Could it be a severe rival for the Sonos Arcs soundbar crown?

( Image credit: TechRadar) 2021 will likely be a big year for a lot of the greatest TV brand names. Weve seen both Samsung and LG push hard into 8K TELEVISION innovations– and in both cases CES 2020 was the celebration they selected to reveal it.
LG also validated quite big lineup changes at the event, dropping the E Series OLED in favor of the brand-new Gallery Series, and Samsung raised eyebrows with its rotating Sero TELEVISION, so the most interesting news may originate from in other places next time around.
Panasonic has actually had a fairly quiet year, with little altering in its TV lineup aside from a new mid-range OLED design, the HZ980. Were yet to hear much of it and evaluate units arent being sent out, so we anticipate it may be leading the way for a larger refresh of the businesss TELEVISION variety at the CES expo next year.
At CES 2020, it was clear that TV brand names were thinking huge, with lots of 75-inch-plus screens on screen. They were also believing small, with confirmation of a new 48-inch OLED size, a 32-inch variation of Samsungs The Frame (2020) display, as well as TV designs designed for use with smart devices rather than 4K Blu-ray gamers or AV receivers..
We anticipate CES 2021 to dive deeper into these extremes, with more 48-inch OLEDs than the LG CX and Sony A9G we have currently, and more compact 32-inch/ 43-inch sizes for premium sets.

CES 2021 Schedule.


( Image credit: Sony) Keynote time: January 11 at 5 pm EST
. Sony has simply launched its most current noise-cancelling headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM4 (which weve called the finest earphones of 2020), so its not likely that well see a brand-new set of flagship over-ear headphones from the tech giant debut at CES 2021..
While were intending to see a follow up to the Sony WF-1000XM3, were not super hopeful for many groundbreaking announcements– CES 2020 was pretty peaceful for the company. Stating that, Sony has currently revealed brand-new cordless speakers and an update to its 360 Reality Audio innovation.
Sony CES 2021 news.

( Image credit: TCL) TCL runs on a somewhat different release schedule than numerous TV brands, which can mean CES is a bit light on concrete info. At the 2020 exposition it announced strategies for a new fleet of Mini-LED TVs– to take on OLED designs– which utilize smaller LEDs for more precise brightness control than conventional LCD screens.
Those TVs just started presenting in the United States in the type of the new 6-Series R635 designs and launch along with new 5-Series TVs that, for the very first time ever, use QLED technology.
TCL just recently confirmed its variety of Roku TVs were coming to Europe and South America, and most likely the UK too. More information on this will likely come at IFA 2020, however theres a possibility that the companys worldwide pipeline– with precise product names and prices– for its brand-new Roku sets might take up until January 2021 to see the light of day.

As soon as the keynotes are over, the CTA (the business behind the occasion) says that its opening a virtual program hall that exhibitors will have the ability to show off their items and address concerns from attendees and sellers about their new items. Exhibitors will have the ability to hold meetings of up to 30 people at a time and chat in real-time with one another. Its all the practical parts of CES, basically, without all of us crowding into the Las Vegas Convention.
What, precisely, are we going to see at this years show? This guide will run you through our predictions for Sony, Samsung, AMD, and more based upon pre-show reports and what they got up to at last years occasion.

( Image credit: Samsung) Keynote time: January 11 at 9 am EST on Samsungs worldwide news site.
CES is constantly a huge program for Samsung. Its the location the company picks to roll out its newest QLED TVs, concept screens and monstrous custom-installs, plus innovations in the computing and phone space.
Samsungs First Look occasion provided us a glance of whats to come, with the brand taking the wraps off its QLED TELEVISION successor – an innovation its called Neo QLED – that crams in 10 times the quantity of LEDs into a screen to significantly increase brightness, decrease flowering and widen seeing angles.
As that, weve seen Dolby Atmos soundbars, brand-new TELEVISION designs for 2021, and even a solar-powered clever remote. Will Samsungs interview bring more surprises? Only time will inform.
Samsung CES 2021 news.

( Image credit: TechRadar) Keynote time: January 11 at 8 am EST on Exhibition.LG.com.
LG generally uses CES as a launchpad for its newest TELEVISION variety, and 2020 was no various. We saw a fleet of 8K TVs displayed, along with verification of a new 48-inch OLED size. LG announced that the glass-panel E Series OLED was being retired in favor of a Gallery Series design, too, so we do not anticipate the former to show up in any guise at CES 2021.
Far, LG has announced a fleet of new laptops, a brand-new Smart TELEVISION user interface, and revealed off its bendable OLED and transparent displays..
Gamers, in particular, ought to be excited about the recently revealed Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display that can morph in between a flatscreen TV and a curved monitor at the press of a button..
Speaking of rollables, weve been hearing that the launch of the rollable Signature Series OLED R has impended for a couple of trade shows now, though, so do not be shocked if LG makes the same statement at CES 2021.
LG CES 2021 news.

In the last few days alone, Samsung has announced its new Neo QLED TVs that use brighter, more vibrant images; Sony revealed its new Cognitive XR Processor as a successor to the X1 Ultimate and Acer has announced the next generation of Chromebooks..
Weve also seen great deals of new audio items from the similarity JBL, in addition to a mightily impressive Dolby Atmos soundbar from Samsung.
That said, today is the day that everyones been able to view LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony require to the virtual stage to talk about their other upcoming innovations. You can anticipate to hear a lot more about the next-gen 8K TVs and IoT wise gadgets, plus a few surprises at the Samsung Unpacked occasion thats happening in the middle of CES week..

How to sign up.
CES 2021: how to register.
Registration for CES 2021 is offered now to the general public now at the CES site. In regards to cost to the typical public, the CTA prepares to charge a $149 fee. The fee will apply to a lot of participants, including merchants, however like in previous years, credentialed journalists and experts will be exempt.

Samsung CES 2021 previews.

Electronic cameras.

Razers Project Hazel has us genuinely delighted to use a clever face maskA smart face mask would have been a complicated arrival at previous CES shows, but in 2021 it makes best sense– and what a piece of face furnishings the Razer Project Hazel is. Made from recycled materials, its RGB lighting lets you know when the filter requires changing, while the clear face panel guarantees to assist individuals read your lips instead of your wild gesticulations.

These microLED wise glasses may be the coolest weve seenPowered by microLED innovation, Vuzix has utilized ultra small screen projectors fitted nicely into both sides of the glasses to make the product look as wearable as possible– and it might have settled. Unlike other clever glasses weve seen, the American company appears to have actually developed a really stylish piece of wearable technology.

CES 2021 might be heading towards its conclusion, however theres still some Day 3 action left to go– and a long list of highlights from the previous two days to tell you about.

Meet Moflin, the charming AI family pet robot that will learn to like youNo CES show is total without a robotic that sits right because zone between charming and slightly troubling, and this year that honor goes to Moflin. Looking like a fluffy guinea pig, this AI family pet robotic utilizes a lot of sensing units to interact with people in a different way depending on how they treat it. Youve been alerted: be good to Moflin.

( Image credit: Royole) Companies hardly ever debut new phones at CES offered the smartphone-focused Mobile World Congress (MWC), which begins a month later, has actually typically been the stage for debuting that year and teasings handsets.Which doesnt suggest we will not see any phones at CES 2021– in the past, some resourceful companies have utilized the dearth to present new handsets in a relative vacuum of phones announcements.
That was the case with the Flexpai Royole, which debuted at CES 2019 as the worlds very first collapsible a complete month prior to Samsung displayed the initial Galaxy Fold at MWC 2019. However weve likewise seen newbies to the phones market show their stuff, like TCL did when the company debuted its first-ever smart devices, the TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L and TCL 10 5G at CES 2020. Bigger business do periodically unveil brand-new phones, however theyre often more budget-friendly models that are headed for minimal markets, like the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite that also appeared at CES 2020.
Ergo, were not expecting huge phones to debut at CES 2021– but we could see some budget and mid-range handsets from companies that dont wish to be outshone at MWC 2021. Given how well those cost effective designs have performed this year, we wouldnt be amazed if business more boldly revealed their more affordable handsets at the most significant tech program on the world– even if its just online.
Heres all the mobile news and our early item reviews up until now from CES 2021:.

( Image credit: Mobvoi) CES 2020 was a great year for audio, and were expecting to see more terrific headphones, earbuds, soundbars, and cordless speakers in 2021, too..
Sony will likely be the brand to enjoy, having actually dominated the noise-cancelling earphones and real wireless earbuds market for the last year, with class-leading models like the Sony WH-1000XM4 and the Sony WF-1000XM3 making waves in the audio world. The time is ideal for a new generation of the WF-1000XM3s, and were crossing our fingers that CES 2021 will be the place to see them..
In reality, in 2015 was dominated by real cordless earbuds, with audio brands exploring with including wise functions to the diminutive type factor. Mobvoi, for example, brought us the TicPods 2 Pro, which can be managed with a shake of the head, while Klipsch revealed its (still yet to be launched) T10 real wireless earbuds, which include built-in synthetic intelligence..
While these features were certainly fascinating, numerous werent totally understood; CES 2021 could see an improvement of functions like AI and gesture-control, making them worth purchasing into..
The over-ear earphones category felt somewhat sparse at CES 2020, so we might see more audiophile-focussed cans at this years event. It was the same story for wireless speakers and clever speakers, too– with such a concentrate on true cordless earbuds last year, we d love to see more devices for at-home listeners at CES 2021.
Heres all the latest audio news from CES 2021 up until now:.

All of the other huge news.

LG Rollable finally revealed off as a foldable phone option at CES 2021Its finally official– LG has actually exposed the name for its take on the foldable phone (LG Rollable, predictably) and also given us a glance in a brief teaser. The Rollable is a bit different from your typical foldable, but the concept is comparable, offering you the option of a smaller or larger screen in one portable device. The only concern now is whether LG has signed up Limp Bizkit for the full reveal..

Weve recapped all of the CES 2021 highlights, in case you missed out on the major announcements from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony, among lots of others.
Regardless of being a remote, virtual experience this year, CES 2021 has actually revealed that its still a wonderful and strange method to get a cup of the tech year ahead. At CES 2021, Lenovo has an answer to the Nintendo Switch and Dell Concept UFOIf you were fond of the Alienware Concept UFO from last years CES, youll be pleased to see the Lenovo LaVie Mini– another fine take on the portable video gaming PC principle. You might quickly get the alternative of going for an OLED, with LG Display validating at CES that brand-new 42in OLED TELEVISION panels are coming in 2021. LG announced that the glass-panel E Series OLED was being retired in favor of a Gallery Series design, too, so we do not anticipate the previous to show up in any guise at CES 2021.

At CES 2021, Lenovo has an answer to the Nintendo Switch and Dell Concept UFOIf you enjoyed the Alienware Concept UFO from in 2015s CES, youll more than happy to see the Lenovo LaVie Mini– another fine take on the portable video gaming PC concept. Okay, its not quite capable of running Cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing, but the LaVie Mini has plenty of power behind that 8-inch display screen. It may only be a principle, however were eager to see more portable styles like this.

Monday, Jan. 11: Morning 7:00 – 7:30 AM EST – Hisense8:00 – 8:30 AM EST – LG Electronics and Bosch9:00 AM – 9:30 AM EST – Samsung Electronics and HERE Technologies10:00 – 10:30 AM EST – Panasonic and Philips and Skyworth11:00 – 11:30 AM EST – Canon and TCL and Mercedez-Benz.
Monday, Jan. 11: Afternoon Noon – 12:30 PM EST – Magna International and Kohler1:00 – 1:30 PM EST – Intel/Mobileye2:00 – 2:30 PM EST – OMRON Healthcare3:00 – 3:30 PM EST – Caterpillar and CTAS 2021 Tech Trends to Watch4:00 – 4:30 PM EST – Schneider Electric and Taiwan Tech Arena5:00 – 5:30 PM EST – Sony.

CES 2021 schedule.

( Image credit: TechRadar) Last year, Panasonic revealed its first noise-cancelling real wireless earbuds, the RZ-S500W, which represented a cheaper alternative to the likes of the Sony WF-1000XM3 and the AirPods Pro..
While we were impressed with the quality of sound cancellation, the audio left a little to be desired, with muddy bass frequencies. At CES 2021, we d like to see an enhanced version of these earbuds with a more healthy soundstage.
We anticipate more high-end Panasonic TVs to be on program, too. Panasonic opened CES 2020 with its brand-new HZ2000 OLED, and news of light-sensitive HDR calibration (through Dolby Vision IQ). We may get to hear more about its mid-range OLED strategies at CES 2021, offered the recently-announced HZ980 design hasnt been available to examine, and it may be Panasonic is evaluating the waters prior to plunging into this cost band more firmly.
Panasonic CES 2021 news.

( Image credit: Canon) CES has been quite subtle for electronic camera announcements in the last few years, as the huge guns tend to favor Japans CP+ Show in February or their own independent launches. Still, we were treated to a few teaser statements at CES 2020, consisting of the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III– and with the Photokina video camera show (now held every May) held off until 2022, we may see some interesting arrivals at CES 2021.
Another element could be the ripple effect of hold-ups from the worldwide pandemic, which could see announcements that were initially set up for late 2020 pressed back to January 2021. For example, the most recent rumors recommend that we might see a Nikon Z9 or Sony A5 all show up in early 2021. Its possible that a person or more of these cameras might get teaser announcements at CES 2021, however this is more most likely to happen after the program.
Would the likes of Canon, Nikon and Sony run the risk of a complete launch getting lost in the sound of a big generalist tech program? Thats less likely, so theres a larger possibility that some of the more fringe camera brand names– think Insta360, DJI and GoPro– will once again step in to fill the photographic gap with some new action cams and drones. As is CES tradition, we d also anticipate to see an insane storage story like a 2TB microSD card from the similarity SanDisk.


CES is constantly a huge event in the computing world, primarily due to the fact that the huge hardware gamers Intel, AMD and Nvidia frequently reveal brand-new parts, which leads PC and laptop computer makers like Dell, HP and Lenovo to launch brand-new models of their devices that include the cutting edge tech.
CES 2021 looks set to be no various, with Intel, AMD and Nvidia all hosting keynote discussions throughout the week. Each one is anticipated to announce new hardware that will power next generation laptop computers, and there are tips we could see effective new desktop elements.
If these business do display new mobile elements, you can be sure that laptop makers will not lose any time displaying their new gadgets as well. Were hoping to see slimmer and more effective laptops this year, as well as significantly enhanced battery lives. Well likewise watch for odd and wonderful laptop computers and PCs that do amazing and truly brand-new things.
Peripheral makers such as Razer and Thermaltake will also remain in presence, so we should be seeing some excellent brand-new gadgets to plug into our PCs as well. We with confidence predict that CES 2021 will be huge for PC video gaming.

( Image credit: hisense) Hisense generally puts on something of a program at tech expos, and in 2020 we saw it reveal a refresh of its projector-television hybrid, more ULED TVs, and a new DualCell technology– one that integrates 2 TV panels for improved contrast..
Hisenses OLED aspirations have actually been rushed by this point, and we dont anticipate any O8B successors at CES 2021. More laser TVs, in addition to more mid-range quantum dot display screens, seem likely. The popular Hisense Roku TV line broadened to the UK in late 2018, too, and we wouldnt be surprised to see Hisense reveal a refresh next year.

( Image credit: Philips) CES 2020 shocked us by featuring among Philips OLED TVs, the OLED 804. Sadly, we wont be seeing any Philips TVs at CES 2021, as was just recently validated to us by a representative for the company.

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