Cowboy Bike 3 review: the city speedster is better than ever

Cowboy Bike 3 release date and rate

Subscriptions for a currently pricey bike.
A premium.

A take a look at the data the Cowboy Bike 3 gathers in regards to your rides./ © NextPit.

Cowboy Bike
was its carbon belt drive. Unlike a filthy old chain, the belt does not need oil. This means less upkeep. Its likewise a large part of why the transmission of power from the motor to the wheels feels so smooth. This Gates Carbon Drive Belt has a transmission ratio of 63/22 (2.86) with a lower equipment ratio, supplying a much faster begin and a simpler ride on slopes.

When we first tested the e-bike from Cowboy back in May 2019, we were blown away by how smooth yet powerful the motor effective in this city racer. There are likewise new, custom-made, mudguards readily available for the Cowboy Bike 3 this year. The difficult saddle and low, straight handlebars, plus the lack of any suspension whatsoever do give the Cowboy Bike 3 more of a racing bike feel, and Im happy to take a comfort upgrade, even one with as very little an effect as the new tires provide.
Having a removable battery on a bike as attractive and sleek as this is one of the biggest strengths of the Cowboy Bike 3. All software updates revealed by Cowboy in June are not just available on the Cowboy 3, but likewise on previous designs.

There are also brand-new, tailor-made, mudguards offered for the Cowboy Bike 3 this year. They have been adjusted to the wheel and are sold independently for EUR89. Puncture-proof tires are back, which have an unique leak protection coating, and the tire surface area has been widened to offer a more comfy flight. Experienced cyclists might see this as a little sacrifice on speed, however I recommend it. The hard saddle and low, straight handlebars, plus the lack of any suspension whatsoever do offer the Cowboy Bike 3 more of a racing bike feel, and Im happy to take a comfort upgrade, even one with as very little an effect as the brand-new tires offer.
In terms of the battery, nothing has altered from the Cowboy 2. The whole bike weighs 16.9 kg, consisting of the battery. The frame itself is in fact lighter than on the Cowboy 2.
Having a detachable battery on a bike as good-looking and smooth as this is one of the biggest strengths of the Cowboy Bike 3. E-bikes in basic tend to fall under two classifications. There are styles that look similar to regular bikes however a bit bulkier, often with a noticeable, removable battery slapped somewhere onto the frame. Then there are the all-in-one designs that look far more attractive, but without a detachable battery charging can be a discomfort if you live in a high-rise home or similar. The Cowboy Bike 3 is an ideal compromise in between the 2 approaches. Yes, the battery is detachable but it does not hinder the style. Attached the back of the seat tube, the battery merges perfectly with the overall stylish and sleek style of the Cowboy Bike 3. The battery can be charged to 100% in 3.5 hours. It can likewise just be eliminated with a physical secret, which must avoid it from getting taken.

The battery is detachable through a physical key just./ © NextPit

Thanks to these sensors, Cowboy states it has the ability to minimize the number of false-positive outcomes to near no. Cowboys system is likewise able to detect whether the wheel is moving “usually” once again after a fall, hence assuming the rider is OKAY. The Cowboy bike is likewise equipped with a SIM card and GPS. Even if the mobile phone linked to the bike stops working, accident detection still works. Cowboy can notify the emergency contact without having to depend on the users phone for data.
I did trip over cobblestones and some relatively large bumps in an attempt to set off a fall caution, and Cowboys system held up well. Lets hope this is a feature one not too numerous owners will require to make use of.
Theft detection has always been a function of the connected Cowboy bikes. The bike should only move when the rider (or riders smart device) is present, and an alert is automatically sent out when the bike is on the relocation if someone is attempting to take it. This is sort of a key function, as the bike isnt actually incapacitated when locked. Theres no physical wheel lock, its simply the motor that is handicapped.
2 minutes after the Cowboy is locked, the anti-theft defense kicks in. If someone else moves the bike for several seconds, the owner is instantly alerted through the app and can examine the bikes GPS position.

The Cowboy Bike 3 is offered now at a rate of EUR2,290 in Europe. If you desire the extra mudguards, as visualized on our evaluation design, you will need to pay an extra EUR89, bringing the total purchase cost to EUR2,379. In the United Kindom, those numbers are ₤ 1,990 without the mudguards and ₤ 2,069 with.
Two brand-new colors are likewise offered this year: Anthracite Grey and Mineral Grey. Just one “M-L” frame size is offered, which has actually been enhanced for riders between 170-195 cm tall.
The Cowboy Bike 3 is certainly not low-cost. It comes in at EUR300 more than the newest VanMoof S3. You do get a two-year guarantee on a new e-bike from Belgium though, however the expenses do not stop when you cycle far from the store. More on that later on.

Repair work under the two-year guarantee are totally free of charge at Cowboy, though. Presently, the program is active in 32 European cities – 14 of which are in Germany – and is constantly being broadened to other cities. It was inspired by the test drive program – a network of Cowboy experts who meet potential customers in 67 cities and offer test drives.
The built-in navigation.
Whilst I simulate the built-in navigation with routes optimized for bicyclists, one thing that left me disappointed during my test of the Cowboy Bike 3 was the minimal data that is held after is each trip. Its great to have stats for a particular week, month, or year, and the totals shown here will definitely offer some inspiration for people to go out biking more. The trip details section, however, is fairly light on information.

The 2nd big new function is mishap detection. The Cowboy utilizes sensors incorporated into the bike itself and a specifically developed algorithm to identify a fall.
Naturally, Cowboy does not desire reviewers taking its EUR2,290 e-bike and deliberately crashing it. To make certain individuals like me do not put ourselves in unnecessary threat when evaluating this new function, the Cowboy group created a short video revealing us how you replicate a mishap securely. It basically involves dropping the bike onto a soft surface area, like a sofa or cushion, to imitate a fall. It worked well throughout my test, but this is not actually a scientific recreation of an actual fall or unsafe crash.
In order to differentiate between the various accident scenarios, Cowboy states it utilizes “sensing unit fusion” to leave out both false-negative and false-positive results. For this purpose, Cowboy utilizes the following elements: a speed sensor in the wheel, the torque sensing unit to inspect whether force is being applied to the pedals, and an accelerometer.

The effective yet quiet motor lies in the rear wheel./ © NextPit

There are a great deal of sensing units loaded into this streamlined frame./ © NextPit

A good screen, but little performance beyond revealing the remaining battery./ © NextPit.

What I like about the Cowboy Bike 3 …

Perhaps the most intriguing brand-new function, nevertheless, is that related to air quality. The app notifies Cowboy owners what the air quality in a provided location is like, so you can pick a path through the city that is the least polluted. This function is still in development, and therefore I was not able to test it during this review procedure. Cowboy says it will be completely introduced in Q4 2020.
App features such as Find My Bike by means of GPS positioning, navigation, a live control panel, and Siri voice control, have actually rollovered from the old models onto the new Cowboy Bike 3.

When parking this out in public, you will still want to utilize a great bike lock./ © NextPit.

What I dont like about the Cowboy Bike 3 …

The brand-new mudguards are an additional extra./ © NextPit

Hydraulic disc brakes do the stopping./ © NextPit

The path planner, however, is rather perfectly performed in the app./ © NextPit.

When we first checked the e-bike from Cowboy back in May 2019, we were blown away by how smooth yet powerful the motor was in this city racer. The minimalist look from 18 months back is mostly the same, but the Belgian manufacturer has worked on both the software and hardware, improving the general plan. But how big of an upgrade is it?
The hardware upgrades
One of the main things we loved about the old

You get a pin for your final destination but nothing in regards to information about the path taken. Offered that this has actually currently been exercised by the software, and you are being tracked through GPS at all times, it would not have actually been much of a stretch for the producer to have actually added this info. Its good to look back on a path when you have actually been out getting lost on a trip, I find.

The carbon belt drive is a massive style win./ © NextPit

Easy Rider.
service is available for a small subscription cost. For EUR8 each month, you get theft detection notices, theft insurance coverage, and a special Fast Lane for customer care. If you stump up EUR10 a month for Easy Rider Plus, you can include damage insurance to that plan. Damage insurance covers vandalism, however also damage triggered by natural aspects, such as rain or snow.
Its kind of a shame that this is not consisted of totally free, to be honest. Its got to sting to have to pay another tenner every month to get quality consumer service and insurance when you are dropping two grand on a brand-new e-bike. At the danger of harping on about the competition, if your VanMoof S3 gets knicked, the companys bike hunters will track it down for you free of charge.

The incorporated front and rear lights are more than intense sufficient./ © NextPit

Retreating from a standing start is exceptionally fluid. Unlike with some e-bikes where you feel a judder as the motor starts, the Cowboy Bike 3 glides as it gets up to speed, whilst preserving a comforting feel in the pedals throughout velocity. A top speed of 25 km/h can be achieved easily, and the motor remains whisper-quiet throughout. There are no gears on the Cowboy Bike 3, however you actually do not need them, even when tackling hills. The hydraulic disc brakes do a sterling task too. The incorporated front and rear lights are easily intense enough to ride in the evening.
The handling and ride quality is a big win for Cowboy in my opinion, and its the single most significant benefit this e-bike has more than a few of its rivals. Cowboy states the carbon belt drive will last for as much as 30,000 kilometers prior to you need to do any sort of maintenance.

What I like about the Cowboy Bike 3 …

The brand-new software features
There are a number of new Cowboy software features for 2020. All software application updates announced by Cowboy in June are not only available on the Cowboy 3, however also on previous models. Just like you get upgrades to your smart device, the exact same thing is occurring in the e-bike space, and thats cool.
Automatic unlocking (or Auto-Unlock, as Cowboy calls it) works well. Up up until now, Cowboy bike owners had to take their phones out of their pocket to unlock and begin the motor. The bike now immediately identifies when you are close by.

You still cant use it without a phone.
The biggest disadvantage of the Cowboy Bike 3, however, is one that has actually carried over from the previous versions. With the Cowboy, a smartphone is essential if you desire to put the e in e-bike.

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