Facebook Updates Access Your Information Tool for Data Management – Mac Rumors

Within each category, details is organized into subcategories to make it much easier to find the data that youre trying to find, with the tool also able to be used to eliminate data.

Facebook is today rolling out an upgrade for its “Gain access to Your Details” tool to make it simpler to utilize and to better describe how information is used, reports TechCrunch.

“Access Your Information” supplies a detailed appearance at the info about you thats shared on Facebook. The updated version is arranged into 8 categories: Your Activity Across Facebook, Personal Information, Friends and Followers, Logged Information, Security and Login Information, Apps and Websites off of Facebook, Ads Information, and Preferences.

As TechCrunch explains, the launch of the updated tool comes as Apple is requiring apps like Facebook to provide a breakdown of the individual data thats collected, and it has actually been launched simply ahead of when Apple will start requiring Facebook and other apps to acquire express user consent before tracking them.

“Access Your Information” can be found in the Facebook iOS app by accessing the Settings & & Privacy section, choosing Settings, and scrolling down to the “Access Your Information” setting. The feature will broaden to the desktop in the future.

Search performance is now consisted of so you can find something specific like “place,” and theres more info on how Facebook utilizes data to customize the Facebook experience.

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