Fitbit Charge 4 review: beautiful and expensive

Fitbit offers an integrated GPS module, mobile payment capability, and long battery life in the Fitbit Charge 4. These are features that are definitely not found in every physical fitness tracker and were missing out on in the previous model. Whether these make the Charge 4 the ultimate fitness tracker or not, and what do I suggest by costly in the heading, will be delved in deeper detail in this evaluation.

Who is the Fitbit Charge 4 for?

Alternatives to the Fitbit Charge 4.

This is because even with Spotify Connect, the Fitbit Charge 4 only controls the music that your phone sends out to your headphones or other audio devices. So if youre bothered by the annoying noises of nature while running in the countryside, you absolutely require to take your smartphone with you. At the exact same time, the Fitbit Versa with integrated music memory and support for Bluetooth headphones relocations even further away into the horizon, leaving the Charge 4 in the dust.

If you dont necessarily want to purchase a wearable fitness tracker and yet you like Fitbit, you ought to take an appearance at the Fitbit Versa 2 and also perhaps the Fitbit Versa 3. The second version of the smartwatch is presently offered online for just under ₤ 170, and the Versa 3 still costs simply under ₤ 200. If you are trying to find a fitness tracker and constantly take your mobile phone with you wherever you go, the Xiaomi Band 5 is currently an excellent choice. The battery life is considerably longer than that of the Fitbit Charge 4, but you will have to make do without GPS.

It should never hold true that a device maker artificially restricts the functions of a pricey gadget while asking for another recurring payment to “unlock” those features.

The GPS stopped throughout cycling and the fifth kilometre took five hours to complete? The Charge 4 is not quite accurate/ © Fitbit/ Screenshot: NextPit.

Plain and easy, the Fitbit Charge 4 is barely noticeable, specifically when sleeping/ © NextPit.

This is where the Fitbit Charge 4 fails.

Fitbit is one of the companies that have actually made fitness trackers famous and a name that is commonly associated with lifestyle devices. The integrated GPS receiver as an extension of the previous model is just useful, while the heart rate sensor is remarkably accurate and regular individuals will instantly be funneled into a holistic improvement of their lifestyle thanks to the really great Fitbit app.

The Fitbit Charge 4 likewise satisfies the idea of always using a fitness tracker regardless of gender.
Through the one and a half weeks that I was able to utilize the Fitbit Charge 4, I left the 24-hour tracking function active, utilized the Charge 4 during the night for sleep tracking, and jogged or cycled once every two days with GPS tracking activated. A full battery charge lasted me exactly 5 days prior to it indicated that I required to juice it up..
Charging is not a big deal with the Fitbit Charge 4. You clamp the physical fitness tracker in a charging clip that has an integrated USB-A cable.
Tracking without smart device or extra device.
A more requirement that I have for a fitness tracker is this: it should get out of the way of my sports activities as much as possible. Without a fitness tracker, I typically walk with my smart device in my pocket doubling up as my pedometer while I listen to my favourite podcasts. If a heavy (reasonably speaking) mobile phone might be changed by a clever physical fitness tracker on the wrist, that would be a certain plus.
The Fitbit Charge 4 has an integrated GPS module and this is what sets it apart from the far more inexpensive designs in the market. This method, you can track your running route even without a smartphone and tape the altitude, speed, and range covered. Thanks to built-in heart rate measurement, you likewise have another piece of information to crunch, which smartphone makers in the past have actually tried to integrate into your mobile phone in a rather unpleasant manner.
Fitbit is also smart when it concerns evaluating your heart rate information. In the Fitbit Charge 4 settings, you can set notifications whenever you reach predefined heart rate ranges. Professional athletes can examine whether they remain in the cardio zone or whether the physical strain is at a level appropriate for fat burning while running. Having different vibration feedback on this gadget is quite useful especially when one is jogging since seeing to the physical fitness tracker can be frustrating when running.

This is of course total nonsense and has actually not happened just once throughout the evaluation duration. Presuming I did not make any fundamental mistake while using it or the GPS info in the device or app is incomplete, then there is a very excellent opportunity of the Charge 4 suffering from a technical mistake of sorts.
Fitbit Pay readily available just through credit card.
When It Comes To Fitbit Pay, I could just try it out throughout the review by looking at the spec sheet of the physical fitness tracker. In Germany, the service only supports charge card, whereas payment options like PayPal or perhaps a link to an EC card are not readily available. This is a pity because although numerous users have a charge card, not every Fitbit user desires to enter such sensitive information. An option would be much valued..
No premium feeling.
Admittedly, I was merely handed the Charge 4 before my review and I didnt have any idea on exactly just how much the Fitbit Charge series expenses. However after unpacking it and using it for the very first time, I just didnt expect that the Charge 4 would cost near to EUREuros. For a somewhat greater price, the producer already uses the Fitbit Versa 3, which is a more powerful smartwatch that links to a WLAN and even comes with internal memory for music.

The sensation of using the flagship model of fitness trackers doesnt really manifest itself with the Fitbit Charge 4. This is specifically even more grating given that you have to fork out extra monthly fees to access the complete range of functions.
Music control only with Spotify.
There is another, completely unnecessary elimination of a function when it pertains to music control on the Charge 4. It goes without saying that it is extremely useful to switch a tune while jogging not using the smartphone however via a tap on the wrist. How hassle-free then, that the Fitbit Charge 4 is able to do that also – however the irritating bit is how it works just with Spotify.
Using a single provider such a monopolistic position on among your gadgets by a manufacturer does not exactly suggest the intention to satisfy ones consumers across the broadest range possible. While Spotify is the most popular service for music streaming, there should always be an additional option for music playback manages on a smart device. This is especially so given that Spotify Connect does not really offer you with a stark benefit.

Heres where the Fitbit Charge 4 scores.

Battery life.
When I put a physical fitness tracker around my wrist for an evaluation, I have a specific goal. In my eyes, it is vital if I have to connect the review unit to the battery charger every single day or even every two days for charging purposes.

The Charge 4 was also able to dependably tape how my heart rate rose when I all of a sudden had to pay month-to-month fees to access the complete performance of a fitness tracker that costs someplace in the three-digit EUR variety. This is mediocrity at its best, Fitbit.

The accuracy of heart rate measurement is excellent. With a basic high blood pressure monitoring device, I had the ability to acquire similar worths when measuring my heart rate concurrently. Obviously, the measurement was taken while I was resting, I didnt wish to take the high blood pressure tracking gadget with me on a bike. In addition, I do not really understand whether my faithful gadget from “Gesundleben” supplies 100 per cent medically precise information.
Heart rate measurement via a light pulse without any movement is not a problem for the majority of trackers. It becomes a bit harder when you move and flex your hand, for instance, to toss a basketball or when performing push-ups. Here, a Fitbit user would usually encounter a basic issue with the makers equipment. Unlike with Garmin or even Huawei gadgets, you cant link chest straps for heart rate measurement or other accessories to the app or the device itself.
In addition to the sensing units for place and heart rate, the Fitbit Charge 4 also includes gyroscopes for tape-recording velocity. Fitbit uses these gyroscopes to track motions and actions, amongst other things, with adequate precision. 10 steps in reality led to nine actions on the device. It is worth pointing out that movement and heart rate information are kept on the gadget itself for 7 days. Scanning takes place every five seconds and even every second throughout active training. There suffices memory to accumulate to 30 days worth of everyday information locally. Fitbit likewise combines all these sensing units to keep track of you while sleeping. But theres one obvious flaw here, which youll check out it in detail a bit later on.
Another curious truth is that Fitbit supposedly integrates a pulse oximeter into the Fitbit Charge 4, however it is not really functional. In principle, such a device can measure the oxygen saturation in your blood and according to Fitbits press release, the innovation is certainly one of the most recent. Neither in the tracker itself nor via extra app installation, might we might access information obtained by the sensor. Fitbits statement about what the SP02 sensor is precisely for is still pending. As quickly as we have proper feedback, we will include it to this review.
Style and Operation.
Prior to that, we would like to go into information concerning the design in addition to functional ease of the Fitbit Charge 4. The style of the Fitbit Charge 4 is made up mainly by a monochrome OLED screen, which is easy to check out even when outdoors and when under bright light environments. At the same time, the small display screen consists of a touch screen and on the left side, you will normally only find a single button to activate the screen. This can not be pushed, it is not a capacitive touch button. With gloves on, you can tap the left side of the Charge 4 and the screen will come to life. Additionally, you can move your wrist in the direction of your face and the touch screen will respond to that also.

In my simply subjective opinion, the style of the Fitbit Charge 4 was executed effectively. The kind element is compact enough with measurements of 35.8 x 23.7 x 12.5 mm that will not get in the way of sporting activities and particularly when you are sleeping. The consisted of wristband, which boasts of a lovely appearance with a honeycomb pattern, is made of top quality plastic.
The clasp resembles that of a traditional wristwatch. In my opinion, this is always a benefit over clip options or other systems to keep it connected to the wrist. You can quickly switch it out by buying another to replace it if you dont like the included wristband at all.
Build quality.
There is one more thing that I want to point out about the positive aspects of the Fitbit Charge 4: Together with the Fitbit app, the manufacturer uses a really holistic way of keeping an eye on yourself for a healthier way of life. The app is likewise very practical for keeping track of calories burned and the quantity of water taken in.
In addition, Fitbit integrates a Relax mode into the Charge 4 app, where you can unwind with breathing exercises. Its a little bit of a pity that the physical fitness tracker doesnt signal you of tension levels like the Apple Watch, but the mindfulness workouts in the app will easily make up for it. Meditation and mindfulness sessions are a healthy balance to sports and also help to deal with anger issues, making those some of the functions found in this device classification.

Late battery life caution.
When I went jogging with the Fitbit Charge 4 for the 3rd time, there was likewise a little bit of excitement. After I came out of the front door, I saw a small battery status appear on the screen that I hadnt seen before. This was a good opportunity to see simply just how much juice is left in the battery reserves!
The answer to that was: not really much, since the fitness tracker ran out about midway through my 5-kilometre run. I was surprised that at least the data gathered up to that point was still kept, the other half of the information was gone. A warning a little earlier on about the upcoming drained battery would have assisted, but with regular recharging, such situations can be prevented.
GPS tracking not always accurate.
It was rather challenging to avoid GPS crashes during the review, which primarily happened when cycling. A test flight to the workplace in downtown Berlin stopped recording unexpectedly after going approximately half the range. If I hadnt gone out for review purposes however had actually made a long bike flight instead with the intention to tape-record my route, the disappointment would have been fantastic.

The heart rate measurement of the Fitbit Charge 4 is similar to that of a portable blood pressure screen./ © NextPit.

Conclusion of the Fitbit Charge 4.

Fitbit Premium includes extended sleep tracking.
I have actually been wrestling with myself a little bit on whether I must categorize Fitbit Premium as excellent or bad. On the one hand, its excellent that Fitbit essentially integrates an online fitness center into its app, while on the other hand, you should not need to hand over money for a membership after picking up a physical fitness tracker for this much.
I find Fitbit Premium to be very useful, I have actually noted the deal as an unfavorable. This is generally due to the fact that Premium is not just an addition. Without the regular monthly cost of ₤ 7.99 (might I insert, “Wow! Thats a lot of money!”), the data gained from the sleep analysis is limited, not to discuss the mindfulness exercises that I talked about earlier occur to be offered only with a subscription.
If I had actually not gotten the Charge 4 from the maker as a review system and paid cash for it, this particular scenario would have troubled me a lot.

Fitbit provides an integrated GPS module, mobile payment ability, and long battery life in the Fitbit Charge 4. Charging is not a big deal with the Fitbit Charge 4. Another curious reality is that Fitbit allegedly integrates a pulse oximeter into the Fitbit Charge 4, however it is not really functional. Admittedly, I was simply handed the Charge 4 before my review and I didnt have any idea on exactly how much the Fitbit Charge series costs. If you dont necessarily want to buy a wearable physical fitness tracker and yet you like Fitbit, you should take an appearance at the Fitbit Versa 2 and also perhaps the Fitbit Versa 3.

Thanks to its integrated GPS module, the Fitbit Charge 4 is theoretically ideal for automatic tracking of running paths and cycling tours. Before you make your method to the next online store complete of interest, you ought to wait for my criticism concerning the accuracy of this gadget and other unfavorable points.
If you still want to select it up right away, you can acquire the Fitbit Charge 4 from various online stores. The recommended list price stands at ₤ 199.99, although you are able to get this wearable for a bit more affordable from third party sellers, or at an affordable rate of $120 for those living Stateside


Fitbit doesnt dare to explore the strap – and thats a good thing, too/ © NextPit.

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