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Sarah, who decreased to be recognized to secure her kids, is disabled and relies on free school meals. She told the BBC that unpacking the food parcel was “very sad and very dismal”.
The box made up of: “Two days coat potato with beans, 8 single cheese sandwiches, 2 days carrots, three days apples, 2 days Soreen, 3 days Frubes. Released rather of ₤ 30 vouchers.
Speaking on BBC Breakfast earlier, Mr Hancock stated the parcel was “clearly inadequate” which the Department for Education was able to address it “immediately” after it emerged on social networks.
” I think its good that were able to provide totally free school meals, even when the schools arent in, but undoubtedly theyve got to be good meals and this wasnt,” he told BBC Breakfast.

However when challenged by Mr Morgan about why he voted against extending the meal program over the school vacations in October in 2015, Mr Hancock was unable to say or provide a straight answer if he regretted his vote.
In a clip of the segment, immortalised on social media, Mr Hancock is seen attempting to evade the question and manoeuvre the conversation back to his point about enjoying that complimentary schools meals are being supplied.

The problem of totally free school meal food parcels was raised by a mom who shared a picture of what she got, which she explained as dismaying and “mean”.

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” Lets be truthful, you got shamed into it by a football player (Marcus Rashford), a young football gamer with a conscience, who managed to prick the conscience of you and the government,” stated Mr Morgan. “Do you regret now, provided how thankful you are that its now taking place, do you regret ballot against it?”
Mr Hancock replied that he is “of course” pleased the federal government might guarantee free school meals were sent throughout the existing lockdown, but is interrupted by Mr Morgan, who states the response should be “yes or no”.
” As I say, Im truly thankful that its taking place now … Put it by doing this, in the very first lockdown, we took this action, and now,” Mr Hancock starts to state before being cut off as soon as again by Mr Morgan, who says: “You either regret it or you dont.”.
” Well, Im actually grateful the circumstance has been resolved,” said Mr Hancock, including that he is “going to use my own words to describe my sensations about this one”.

The box comprised of: “Two days jacket potato with beans, eight single cheese sandwiches, two days carrots, 3 days apples, 2 days Soreen, 3 days Frubes. Spare pasta and tomato. Will require mayo for pasta salad. Issued instead of ₤ 30 coupons. I could do more with ₤ 30 to be truthful.”.

” Lets simply hope we do not need to rely once again this week on Marcus Rashford to once again expose the inequity of this system, since these kids are in lockdown, theyre suffering, theyre hungry and they need the proper assistance from you as health secretary and the federal government,” concluded Mr Morgan.
The interview was explained by audiences on social networks as “excruciating” to view, as the health secretary “squirmed” and appeared “absolutely spineless”..

Mr Morgan asked: “If youre that pleased, can I simply ask you a hard concern– why did you vote versus it?”
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” Well, Im truly happy we were able to put it into location,” replied Mr Hancock.
When asked the very same question again, the health secretary said: “Well, because, the factor that Im pleased now is due to the fact that weve had the ability to arrange that out and put it in place.”

” If youre told youre getting a free school meal, even whilst youre at home, then that comes through the door, I can imagine how it makes you feel, obviously.”.

Matt Hancock informed the programs co-hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he was “really delighted” the government had the ability to send out meals while schools are closed under lockdown, while talking about images of food parcels sent to qualified families which drew quick condemnation from the general public and ministers.

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