Mum tells of Romeo and Juliet love story after couple killed in Solihull Mercedes crash – Birmingham Live

Meesha Afzal, 22, and Kyle Khan, 26, were back seat guests in a Mercedes A200 driven by their pal, which crashed into a wall on Warwick Road, Solihull.

The mum of a hubby killed with his other half in a horrific crash has actually spoken for the first time of their “Romeo and Juliet” romance.

The pair, from Sparkhill, who were wearing seat belts, suffered numerous injuries and were noticable dead at the scene on December 13, 2020

Meesha, Kyle and his mum Roshni Sajida Yousaf.
( Image: BirminghamLive).

Kyle Khan and Meesha Afzal who tragically died in a car crash on December 13, 2020.
( Image: BirminghamLive).

Recalling their love story, mum-of-two Roshni said: “My life will never be the very same, they were such a true blessing.

Roshni said the couple, Aleah, 19, and other family members helped organise the 200-guest wedding event at the Shahi Masala restaurant in Ward End.

” He bought three outfits for himself, Meesha and Aleah, 2 rings, booked a dining establishment and invited his grandparents, aunties, cousins and uncles.

The couples funeral was held at the Sparkbrook Masjid and Islamic Centre, in Anderton Road, on December 21. They were later buried together at Kings Norton Cemetery on December 23.

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” I am so grateful to the emergency services that tried to save them and their efforts stopped working. They would be looking down at me from paradise smiling to state do not grieve us – were pleased together in death too.

” Loving, caring, generous, modest, words can not describe how lovely they were in character, looks and attitude towards others.

” But he went off to Australia and New Zealand for a year. After I become seriously ill he returned to care for me and Aleah.

West Midlands Police stated the driver of the crashed Mercedes – a guy in his 20s – who was seriously hurt in the crash had actually been released from hospital. No arrests had actually been made, the force added.

” I stated: No you cant. Ive always desired an enormous glamorous wedding – weve a massive family.

” She rested on the flooring with my hand in hers, rubbing my hand, melting me.

” She said she would sit with love hearts in her eyes like a love sick puppy and he would appreciate and (provide her) buddy zone hugs.

Now Kyles mum Roshni Sajida Yousaf, 51, has promoted the very first time given that the tragedy and given a heartbreaking homage to the pair, explained by many as the lovely couple.

” He said: Mum Im getting wed. I stated to whom? A voice from back of the crowd as Meesha strolled towards me stated: Its me mum.

The last resting location for Meesha and Kyle at Kings Norton Cemetery.
( Image: BirminghamLive).

Roshni said she was a “proud mum of 2 angels that are together forever”.

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” Im a proud mom of two young people who left a mark in others lives. They were charitable and cared for those who were vulnerable, clingy and homeless.”.

” They both stated together they wanted a Halal marriage. I was pleased with them as they were not spiritual but kept their fasts and did pray at times.

” She was beautiful – with the very same characteristics as Kyles – and I gained another child through marital relationship.

” Kyle and Meesha were my life and they reside on in Aleah (Roshnis child). It breaks my heart that Ive lost 2 kids as she (Meesha) was my daughter too.

” After their death a lot of lives and hearts were touched. Aleah and I will continue without them as they are still with us whichs what their strategies were for their future.”.

I stated to whom? A voice from back of the crowd as Meesha walked towards me said: Its me mum.

” I said: OK Ill offer you my blessings but when are you planning to get wed? To my scary they said it was reserved for the Friday.

” On the day of wedding event he was the most shy groom, red-faced and running for his haircut, chuckling with those who were teasing him.

” Im glad to have had him for 26 years and five months and after that I cant thank Kyle enough for bringing Meesha into my life – they resembled two peas in a pod,” stated Roshni.

” I saw this lovely glamorous girl with Asian clothing on, make-up, looking like a doll. As she strolled towards me I and leaned over for a kiss.

” My fallen angels Kyle and Meesha were soul mates. Gone however never ever will be forgotten, permanently in our ideas, hearts and prayers.”.

” It was the funniest, happiest wedding reserved in 24-hours,” she stated.

” They were too young to die. They constantly wanted children and they prepared to have a household from the start – it wasnt meant to be. They enjoyed kids and played with them. They were caring, happy, smiling.

” He (Kyle) sat beside me on the bed and held my hand,” said Roshni.

( She stated): The very first time I laid eyes on him I stated wow hes not just good looking, hes such a courteous gentleman. She said he was amusing, cheeky and a prankster.

” The 200 individuals who were all family just. The wedding went so well. They were the happiest couple Ive ever seen.

” When they rekindled their friendship and fulfilled a month prior to their wedding event they understood it was love.”.

” He stated: Nope, we want an easy Islamic Nikkah.

( She said): The very first time I laid eyes on him I stated wow hes not only excellent looking, hes such a polite gentleman. She stated he was funny, cheeky and a prankster.

Meesha, a carer, and Kyle, a carrier chauffeur, shocked Roshni during a journey to visit household in Sheffield and provided her just 24 hours observe ahead of their wedding event day in Birmingham on July 28, 2017.

Kyle and Meesha with Kyles sis Aleah Khan.

” I had no option but accept their option.”.

Scores of tributes have gathered for the lovely couple.

” It provides me a hot sensation and smile as Meesha and Kyle desired each other while they were pals – she was 16, he was 20.

” They were liked up in anyones company and in death they were Romeo and Juliet of this century,” Roshni, from Sparkhill, told BirminghamLive.

” I was heartbroken when he left for Australia and the idea he could fulfill another person – but she said she always understood she was going to be his better half.

” He stated: Nope, we desire a simple Islamic Nikkah. I do not desire an attractive wedding. I just want us to be together, we dont wish to waste money for entertainment of others..

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