Pembrokeshire Murders serial killer sought out victims after losing to woman on Bullseye – Mirror Online

Bullseye serial killer John Cooper hated females so much that losing to one on the darts-based TV game show could have led him to murder, according to private investigators who snared him.

The five-year probe led by Det Supt Steve Wilkins, which lastly put Cooper behind bars in 2011 for two double murders in the 1980s, was dramatised in a grasping three-part ITV drama that ended last night after pulling in millions of audiences.

His look on the show in 1989 assisted finally nail him 21 years later on when police performing a cold case review into the Pembrokeshire Murders used it to match him to a cops sketch of the suspect.

John Coopers appearance on the program in 1989 helped lastly nail him 21 years later

” He hated females, was very jealous of other peoples joy and also lost his gamble on the vehicle at the end of the show, and just a month later went on to kill.”.

John Cooper was condemned of 2 double murders
( Image: Wales News Service).

Mr Hill, 50, told the Mirror: “A psychologist in the case contemplated that Cooper losing to a woman on that program might have been a contributing element on the murder of the Dixons.

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” I think he took pleasure in the violence and the control.”.

” Nobody would cross him.

Keith Allen stars as John Cooper in The Pembrokeshire Murders.
( Image: ITV).

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Cooper, now 76 and serving an entire life term for the murders, terrorised his partner and kids and was vicious to animals.

ITV press reporter Jonathan Hill helped the probe by discovering the Bullseye video footage, tape-recorded in 1989 weeks prior to Cooper eliminated Peter and Gwenda Dixon on the Pembrokeshire coast path.

John Cooper appeared on Bullseye and lost to a female.

The Pembrokeshire Murders by Steve Wilkins and Jonathan Hill, released by Seven Dials Paperback, is out now.

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” It would have been really hard for him to deal with.

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Retired detective Mr Wilkins, 61, said: “Cooper had an over-inflated view of his capabilities, and when his strategies failed it was never his fault and if he failed he would lash out. He is likewise a control freak.

The Pembrokeshire Murders looks into the chilling case of John Cooper.
( Image: ITV).

It came four years after he killed Richard and Helen Thomas at their neighboring home outside Milford Haven.

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