Realme 7 review: too much plastic ruins an otherwise great phone

For whom is the purchase beneficial?

Realme is presently 100% dedicated to smart devices with an excellent quality/performance/price ratio, and this can translucented the Realme 7 specs sheet. For a sensible price, there are clearly some hardware packed beneath the hood that have made its method here – similar to other much more expensive smartphones. Those who are prudent with their cash and yet want a quad-camera setup, a 90 Hz display screen, and a big battery capacity must certainly continue reading.
You can get the worldwide variation of the Realme 7 in Europe. In Asia, the smart device was launched onto the marketplace a little bit earlier and comes with bumped up specs for the cam, namely the 64 MP main shooter. The 48 MP primary electronic camera in the German model would be sufficient for those who have actually already set their hearts on choosing this one up, never mind the minor loss in quality..

What I like about the Realme 7 …

90 Hertz screen.
This is exactly the benefit of the display screen in the Realme 7, due to the fact that with 90 Hertz it is smoother compared to the apparently higher-end Realme 7 Pro model in this element. Approved, the latter comes with an OLED panel which opens up the possibility for an Always On Display option, while the Realme 7 is stuck with a traditional LCD display.
It is a rather curious decision to leave out a 90 Hz screen on the Realme 7 Pro, that is all we can say. The two screens vary in information as follows:.

Criteria comparison: Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro.

Realme 7.
Realme 7 Pro.

The screens of both smartphones are almost the same size and provide the very same resolution. Nevertheless, the innovations are really different.

Realme 7.
Realme 7 Pro.

Refresh rate.
90 Hertz.
60 Hertz.

1,080 x 2,400 pixels.
1,080 x 2,400 pixels.

pre-installed Android 10 operating system with no problems or downturn in daily usage.
My favourite action with any Android-powered gadget is to switch off the animations in the designer settings, which makes the entire Android experience good and responsive.
The truth that Realme utilizes a Mediatek chipset in the less expensive design stays, but this does not offer any genuine drawback that is blindingly obvious. As some of the criteria tests reveal, the basic Realme can complete with the Pro version without missing a beat. To be fair, I have to discuss at this point that Realme sent us the 128 GB variation with 8 GB of RAM for our review. With a suggested retail rate of EUR249, this is priced very closely to the Pro, which you can select up for EUR299. Now, on to the benchmarks:.

Display size.
6.5 inch.
6.4 inch.

Where the Realme 7 chooses up points in the refresh rate, the Pro version shines in terms of the display technology utilized. The disadvantages resulting from this technical difference can just be seen on the Realme 7 to a minimal degree.
The display of the Realme 7 works pretty well by itself even without OLED innovation, as it delivers with good colour making and great contrasts. Only the luminosity level is not able to keep up with OLED screens from this year (2020 ). Brightness levels are still adequate for usage under direct sunshine. As for the Realme 7 Pros screen, the screen edges are not the sleekest to look at, as they prove to be simply too thick for a mobile phone that is launched this year. The front-facing camera exists through a punch-hole notch, and the good news is it is not that much larger than the one found in the Google Pixel 4a 5G.
Great performance at Pro level.
The Realme 7 Pro proved to be quite the entertainer in Davids review and compared to this mobile phone, the efficiency of the Realme 7 does get the heart pumping. Unfortunately, no Qualcomm processor sees action here, however rather, a Mediatek Helio G95 chipset is utilized. This SoC has been promoted as a gaming processor, which is fast sufficient to handle the.

For criteria, I utilized Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1 from the 3D Mark and Geekbench 5 apps, and there were four ratings from which I computed the average.

Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro: display screens in comparison.


Screen protector.
Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
Corning Gorilla Glass 3+.

3D-Mark Slingshot Extreme ES 3.1.

3D-Mark Slingshot Volcano.

3D-Mark Slingshot ES 3.0.

Geekbench 5 (Single/Multi).
507/ 1637.
575/ 1784.

3DMark really revealed that the Realme 7 model clocked greater numbers than the Realme 7 Pro. This great performance was likewise evident in mobile games, where you can adjust the graphic settings upwards without much issue. Call of Duty: Mobile also ran efficiently at optimal graphics settings while racing games like Asphalt 9 also shone, providing crisp looking information if you decide to crank up the quality of the graphics settings to the optimum.
Electronic camera Quality.
An appearance at the back of the Realme 7 triggered some disillusionment for me initially. “Not another quad-camera setup!”, I thought. It should only be for marketing purposes where there is a depth sensing unit, an unpleasant wide-angle and a macro camera. When I went on an image trip with the Realme 7 during my lunch break, I was mostly amazed by the quality of the pictures, especially the colour making and the good HDR mode that looked respectable.
Picture quality in different settings.
Lets go through a few shots in information to evaluate the image quality of the Realme 7. We begin with a typical excellent weather shot utilizing the primary cam.
Shot under ideal lighting conditions.

not exactly a head-turner.
The smartphone is close to a centimetre thick and pointers the scales at almost 200 grams, making it overweight as well. Its hard to identify on where the extra weight comes from. The cellular phones real estate does not contain any glass or perhaps aluminium.
The switch on the right side of the case likewise doubles up as a finger print sensor and performs an exceptional task when called upon. If you were to use it for haptic feedback while typing, the vibration does prove to be rather troubling.
The speaker.
The Realme 7 has a single downward-firing speaker at the bottom. As with numerous other Android smartphones, this speaker sends sound downwards out of the case and has 3 cut-outs milled into the case for this purpose. While missing stereo noise is practically manageable, the positioning of the speaker is not ideal when viewing videos or delighting in mobile games.
If you release the speaker from all restrictions, the tone is generally loud but it when it comes to bass, it has a poor range. A 2nd speaker in the area above the screen would have done the smartphone a whole lot of excellent.

In good light conditions, the primary camera of the Realme 7 succeeded./ © NextPit.

Realme is presently 100% committed to smart devices with a great quality/performance/price ratio, and this can seen through the Realme 7 specs sheet. The Realme 7 Pro showed to be rather the entertainer in Davids review and compared to this smart device, the performance of the Realme 7 does get the heart pumping. 3DMark actually revealed that the Realme 7 model clocked greater numbers than the Realme 7 Pro. Realmes own Android interface Realme UI already looks good in variation 1.0. If you like the Realme UI as much as you do after choosing this device up, and can hardly keep your hands off the Realme 7, then you will surely look forward to the long battery life.

The look.
Ive currently teased the Realme 7 a bit about this matter: this smartphone is.

While the ultra-wide angle camera is good, the Realme 7s is barely usable. The smart device lacks an additional telephoto lens./ © NextPit.

Modern mobile phones have a special mode for taking night shots, including the Realme 7, and regardless of the night mode, the results are rather bad with low information and plenty of sound. The Realme 7 is not a night vision device, however at least it takes affordable pictures in the dark.
Focal length range from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto.

The 48-megapixel main camera of the Realme 7 provides an open aperture of f/1.8. Because so much light falls on the sensor, the smartphone keeps ISO level of sensitivity low in excellent weather condition and direct exposure times short. For images with 12 megapixels, the mobile phone utilizes pixel binning and downsamples the full resolution, which suggests you end up with a very excellent degree of sharpness and great colour recreation. However, I felt that the image proved to be a bit too overdrawn, where items end up with rather abnormal edges.
Recordings throughout golden and during the night.

If youre lazy when taking photos and require a smart device with a long focal length range, the Realme 7 has an ultra-wide-angle sensing unit with a field of view of 119 degrees. You can see the entire set of results in my expensive collage, particularly where the wide-angle electronic camera shines when placed under examination.
HDR images.

The selfie camera (left) provides almost the exact same image quality as shots taken with the main video camera. Nevertheless, the colours differ a bit and the dynamic variety (see cap) is a bit smothered, too./ © NextPit.

Update to Android 11 in December.
Realmes future offensive for the European market is likewise obvious when it concerns software application updates for their gadgets. According to the upgrade schedule, there will be an upgrade to Android 11 for the Realme 7 series in December. Hence, the producer has actually raised the longevity of its gadgets to the next level, a minimum of in terms of software.
Realmes own Android interface Realme UI already looks great in variation 1.0. Therefore the operating system on Realme 7 appears tidy and appears like a mix of stock android and the Xiaomi launcher MIUI. As with the Realme C11, I liked how gestures can be drawn straight on the switched-off display screen to conjure up an action.
Battery life with quick charging ability.
If you like the Realme UI as much as you do after selecting this device up, and can hardly keep your hands off the Realme 7, then you will definitely look forward to the long battery life. Packing it into the gadget does make the mobile phone a little fat.
As typical, when it comes to smartphone evaluations, there are only a couple of exact details readily available worrying the devices battery life. Such a big battery normally equates to being able to go up to 2 days without having to look for a power outlet if the context of usage includes you using it for periodic calls, regular WhatsApps interaction and seeing YouTube videos throughout your evening downtime. If the battery runs out of juice faster than you would expect, you can quickly make the most of the fast charge feature called Dart Charge.
” Dart Charge works on 30 watts power delivery and must charge your mobile phone by 50% within 26 minutes. A charging test that began at 10 percent battery level reached 60 per cent after precisely 26 minutes. Realme hence keeps its quick-charge promise to the letter. Specifically when it comes to such big batteries, quickly charging systems are certainly enjoyable to have. The Honor 9A, for instance, has a 5,000 mAh battery that merely takes far too long to charge over a micro-USB connection.

The HDR mode (right) extends the dynamic variety of the video camera without creating artificial-looking images./ © NextPit.

What I dont like about the Realme 7 …

The Bokeh on objects works remarkably well..
/ © NextPit.
Prior to this review ends up as a cam review, here are a couple of words about the portrait mode. This mode likewise works with things, and here the smartphone take advantage of its own depth sensor. Providing clean lines, I like how the rear part of the bike gradually fades into a blur, and this positive impression was likewise validated when snapping selfies. Here, I feel that the front electronic camera delivers similar results as the quad-camera setup on the back. A final example is revealed below.

The Realme 7 increases the dynamic series of the sensor synthetically, much like any other current mobile phone. In the photos above, you can see this best on the window that doesnt completely disappear in bright light with HDR allowed. Realme shows itself once again to be a good midway point, rather than providing too little or too much. Photos do not end up looking artificial and are perfectly vibrant.
Picture mode for things and people.

With an increased level of darkness, the image quality likewise decreased substantially. The left image was taken in a dark room where the corridor light was turned on/ © NextPit.

Do you wish to find out more about smart device video cameras? Examine out our camera guide for smart devices:.

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