Realme Buds Q review: decent tunes for bargain hunters

✓ Customizable touch operation.

Final decision.

The Realme Buds Q true cordless headphones have actually been offered in Germany given that June 2020. The suggested retail price slapped by the manufacturer stands at an incredibly budget friendly ₤ 29.99. The design is available in white and yellow in some regions, just the black version is available in Europe at the time of publication

The Realme Buds Q are very light./ © NextPit.

The small earbuds and the charging case are formed like a pebble that have been smoothened over by centuries of waves washing over it, that it looks almost vulnerable. In reality, that is not the case. They are constructed of light but strong PC+ABS special polymer composite product. In addition, Realme did not stint the sealing despite the small speaker compartments and the low price point. The Buds Q have IPX4 accreditation ranking, which uses security against both water splashes and sweat, which indicates you are more than efficient in using a pair of these bad kids out for a long run in the rain without missing out on a beat.

The Realme Buds Q are unable to deal with all acoustic information of really intricate structures. More appropriate in reality is that the small Realme Buds Q only guard outside sound on a moderate scale. As anticipated, Realme has refrained from installing it in a budget plan model.

✓ Good noise with lots of bass and clear treble.


✕ Insecure fitting.

Chinese makers are currently causing rather a stir across the mobile phone market spectrum with a broad variety of gadgets and their corresponding accessories. Take the BBK Group, for example. They are actually getting a grip with its rising brands such as OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme. The latter is one that targets those who want lots of value for their cash. Thus, it is not a surprise that the new Realme Buds Q True Wireless headphones are offered at a knock-down cost that will shock lots of. At that incredibly low cost point, is there quality performance to follow up with the incredible cost point? This Realme Buds Q review blew me out of my socks

✕ Low sound isolation.

In this mode, the latency allegedly decreases itself to 119 milliseconds, which is minimal at best in using an enhanced gaming audio experience.

Realme Buds Q release date and price.

✕ App needs a cloud account.

An easy touch will not be registered, guaranteeing that you do not activate a command by accident when you adjust the earbuds into a comfortable position. Realme also eliminated the wear detection sensing units, so the earphones will not stop working unless you command them to do so with your finger or location them in the charging case.
By default, you are not able to return to the previous track. However this can be easily treated by means of the app, in addition to allowing Google Assistant. If you concur with the factory default functions rather, your Realme cloud account is not required. This is specifically assuring for iOS users, as the app is not available for the iPhone. You can still listen to music utilizing the earbuds on smart devices from both sides of the mobile operating system divide.

✕ Obsolete MicroUSB connector.

The integrated R1Q chip is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and can therefore be connected to a smart device very rapidly. As quickly as you open the charging case and get rid of the earphones, they will appear straight in the pairing screen or are instantly linked should it have actually been matched to your gadget previously on.
To make matters even worse by possibly getting rid of a sector of possible users (perhaps Realme figured out that iPhone users just would bypass such an inexpensive thing), this app frustrates with the requirement of a cloud account registration before you can use it. Where else on earth is there such a method operandi when it comes to earbuds? The only advantage to having this cloud account would be the ability to manage other Realme gadgets via the app – but over here in Germany, only their smartphones are readily available to take benefit of this app.
By default, whenever you double tap, triple tap, or touch and hold it for 2 seconds, you can start audio playback, time out playback, skip to the next track, or response, reject or end a call. Holding and touching down both touch surfaces at the same time will see the headphones enter gaming mode.

✓ Compact and very light.

Wow, these are surprisingly light. Ive never seen nor used such light-weight earbuds prior to. Each earbud tips the scales at a simple 3.6 grams. Together with the bundled battery charger, the whole shebang weighs just 37 grams.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the battery life.
In total, Realme pledges an optimum of 20 hours of playback time, which means that the 400-mAh battery of the charger provides 15.5 hours of reserve juice. The Realme Buds Q are more long lasting than lots of a model that is two times or three times more pricey.

✓ Incredibly low cost.

✓ Good battery life for the cash.

With Realme Buds Q, the beginner has actually pieced together a convincing real cordless headphones bundle within the spending plan segment. At this cost point, this set of real cordless earphones provide really good sound and battery efficiency. The somewhat insecure fit can be frustrating however, but even more pricey earphones are not immune to this.

Realme Buds Q style and construct quality.

Realme Buds Q audio.

For those who invest plenty of time circumnavigating the city jungle, the compact dimensions might be an enjoyable indicate take note of, but the miniaturized kind element of the Realme Buds Q is not always favorable to wearing comfort.
This triggers the earbuds to loosen up after a number of steps or even simple chewing motions, for this reason I have to fix the fit over and over again. Thankfully, the relative looseness of the Realme Buds Q never quite managed to have it fall out during the entire period of this review.

Realme Buds Q battery.

The Realme Buds Q are far more dynamic and effective than the rate recommends.
On the other hand, Realme has actually also modified the drivers on the software application side. Hence, the headphones make an impression with strong levels of bass and treble.

How should earbuds that retail for a mere ₤ 30 sound, you ask? I sure had that concern swimming in my head before I started the evaluation. The answer is: Amazingly excellent!

Its hard to believe that the recommended retail rate of ₤ 30 enables them to turn a profit. Perhaps the young brand is simply prepared to forego a sensible revenue margin in order to gain market share and attention first with such an appealing deal. In any case, the bait is indeed extremely appealing, and in my viewpoint, has no catch.


You can execute different commands without having to pick up the smartphone./ © NextPit.

✕ No wear detection.


You can see how much power is left in the True Wireless headphones in Realmes app or in the Bluetooth menu of your mobile phone. There is no display for the remaining charge on the charging case. These are compromises one must make to cater to the low rate.


Setup and operation.

The earplugs are charged in the egg-shaped charging case./ © NextPit.

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It is no surprise that the new Realme Buds Q True Wireless earphones are offered at a knock-down price that will amaze lots of. The Realme Buds Q real cordless headphones have been available in Germany since June 2020. Fortunately, the relative looseness of the Realme Buds Q never ever rather handled to have it fall out during the entire period of this evaluation.

The Realme Buds Q are more durable than numerous a model that is two times or three times more costly.

With Realme Buds Q, the newcomer has actually pieced together a convincing true cordless headphones bundle within the spending plan sector.

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