Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro review: a first-class price-to-quiet ratio

Who the headphones for?

What I like about the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro …

The case opens with a moving system that already triggers the pairing to your mobile phone./ © NextPit

The sound quality
Lets get right to it, because before it gets peaceful, lets get loud. For my evaluations of headphones, speakers, and other audio gadgets, I constantly like to send playlists of the music I utilized to determine the sound quality of each gadget. To listen later on, youll require a Spotify playlist or youll enter the tracks on YouTube.

Before I inform you about my music and podcast marathon with the new Liberty Air 2 Pro, a brief disclaimer: we got our test gadgets prior to the official sales launch and I had to download the beta variation of the Soundcore app to evaluate the complete range of functions. So youll have to take the outcomes with a grain of salt. As soon as the official app supports the brand-new earbuds, Ill upgrade this evaluation.
A lot of basically, those searching for compact true-wireless earphones with active sound cancellation and great battery life need to take a look at the Liberty Air 2 Pro. Soundcore, similar to the Life Q30 over-ear headphones, is once again positioning itself extremely highly in terms of value for cash, and the mathematics works out here as well. The Liberty Air 2 Pro provide numerous qualities that youll otherwise just find in high-end models since for the recommended retail rate of ₤ 129.99
The AirPods Pro, for instance, expense simply under ₤ 250 at market launch, and even the currently quite economical Huawei FreeBuds Pro beat Soundcore by just under another 50 quid or so. I constantly draw a comparison to these alternatives because Ive got myself an Apple fangirl in Johanna and an earphone nerd in Antoine as test partners. They each got their own versions of the earphones, as Soundcore sent us a number of models.
Distinctions to the popular designs.
I still want to briefly situate the Liberty Air 2 Pro in the producers lineup if youre currently Soundcore lovers. Because as the naming currently suggests, the brand-new true-wireless earphones are a hybrid of the designs Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro ( ₤ 120) and Soundcore Air 2 ( ₤ 90).
The charging case with its moving system is similar to that of the Liberty 2 Pro, and from here Soundcore, fortunately, transfers wireless charging through QI requirement and the development of a custom Hear ID. Theres an obvious difference, however, in the style of the Earbuds themselves. Because while the Liberty 2 Pros earbuds are more reminiscent of the Sony WF-1000XM3 and thus look relatively chunky, the brand-new Air 2 Pros are downplayed and stalky.
The style of the earphones themselves, then, Soundcore has taken more of a hint from the Liberty Air 2. These are more along the lines of Apples AirPods design, with a small stem standing out of the ear. Once again, there was already Hear ID, however the case has a folding system – the familiar floss analogy isnt too away.
Rather brand-new for a true-wireless headphone from Soundcore, however, is the integrated Active Noise Cancelling. Active Noise Cancelling is finding its method into a growing number of headphones, and most just recently in the Soundcore cans David was able to evaluate, the Life Q30. Does the ANC work just as well here or is it even much better?

For my playlist, I attempted to get an excellent mix of genres and also make certain that the song in concern also has good sound quality, so ideally no live recordings or noisy record digitals. Prior to we dive deeper into the tunes, a bit about the strategy.
Quickly about the innovation:
Soundcore uses motorists with its own Purenote technology in the Liberty Air 2 Pro, which procedure 11 millimeters typically. The technology is said to improve the noise of the drivers thanks to 10 hardened nanosheets of an unnamed product that are used in layers to the speaker cone.
This is stated to provide more clearness and more accuracy in the output of sound waves. But with Soundcore giving extremely few information in the lead-up to the discussion, and not even a frequency range, for example, the technology is supplying a few more expectations at finest.
As soon as I can find out more about the Liberty Air 2 Pros technical requirements, Ill add them to the review, of course.
Practical listening test
Lets get to the sound test of the headphones and the Spotify embed I pointed out previously. You can click the specific tracks here:

As an alternative to the equalizer, Soundcore is pleased to offer its Hear ID feature in the Liberty Air 2 Pro. Like a medical hearing test, to set it up you have to perceive noises and suggest when you can no longer hear a noise. The procedure takes simply under five minutes and is provided for each ear individually.
Coincidentally, I took a medical hearing test simply under a year ago and there were no problems there. My hearing is above average, my doctor stated, and accordingly I might hear 95 per cent of the sounds in the Hear ID check. My equalizer was therefore rather flat, however the sound quality enhanced visibly compared to the standard setup.
Especially given that Soundcore does not stop there: based on your Hear-ID, you can when again adjust the settings in the 8 frequency bands to your own choices. Even for each ear individually and here you will discover 21 presets ranging from rock to spoken word to podcasts.
The Soundcore app is actually properly designed and enjoyable to use with all the settings! Headphone newbies have the chance to establish their own choices and do not need to get used to the bass-oriented presets of numerous other makers.
Convenience and fit
Conversations with my colleagues and friends reveal time and time once again that sound quality isnt even the primary thing any longer when it comes to headphones. The digital maniacs of our time (like me!) like to have headphones in their ears all day long. Throughout the test period, I got simply under 10 hours of use in one day during a music and podcast marathon.
Thats not always comfortable with in-ear earphones like the Liberty Air 2 Pro. I was able to delight in an excellent midpoint of convenience and assistance with the pre-installed accessories. Even while running, I never ever seemed like the earphones were slipping out of my ear, and after some acclimation, I was even confident adequate to flex over the sink with the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro.

Inca Roads by Frank Zappa
Lets start with the track “Inca Roads” by Frank Zappa, as it tells a lot about the characteristics and about the clarity of earphones right in the very first bars. Here I normally pay attention to how plainly the private instruments can be heard under the synthesizer sound changing from left to. The Liberty Air 2 Pro get the job done well. Ruth Underwoods vibraphone parts are well audible in the background and likewise the crash cymbal right at the beginning remains recognizable for a long time.
With the equalizer already changed to my preferences and ears, the bass track, along with the bass drum, stand out well. As soon as the vocals begin, Im likewise pleased about how magnificently the headphones solve the a little offset, polyphonic vocals in the stereo noise and in the beat. You can practically feel the breathed vocals on your ear.
Inca Roads is extremely multi-layered and earphones are very well matched to view this multi-layeredness. Because Frank Zappa was obsessed with optimum tape-recording quality, obscurities cant be described in the recording either. Kudos to Soundcore!

In the song “Knots” by Gentle Giant, the same ends up being much more apparent. If the artists were standing behind you, the confusing xylophone sounds literally topple through the room as. When the entire band gets in at 1.40 minutes, the width of the sound ends up being clear.
Fall Leaves by Ryo Fukui
The clearness of the earphones can likewise be heard in Ryo Fukuis interpretation of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. His trio includes himself on piano, a double bass player and a jazz drummer. In the recording, the secrets are equally distributed between both ears, while the double bass gamer is more on the left channel and the drummer more on the right.
The positioning of the artists in the virtual space is managed well by the headphones and they reproduce subtleties particularly nicely. The periodic caress of the drumstick over the drummers ride cymbal or the light strokes on the double bass (particularly during the solo from 4.20 minutes). Enjoyable!
Xanny by Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish likes to exaggerate it with the slant to the bass and this is a great place to see if the earphones are overdriving. The Liberty Air 2 Pro do a great task here and for me personally, the earphones practically struck the cerebellum too hard.
Once the introduction is over, Billie turns it up a bit more and here she and her brother Finneas intentionally work in a gain variety where the music sounds overdriven. Despite stylistic devices, nevertheless, Ive heard speakers that might still clearly separate the artists voice here. That doesnt work 100 per cent with Soundcore. The track is likewise rather hard as it pushes the listener to the breaking point in addition to the devices. When trying it out, I naturally turned the earphones up complete and stressed a bit about my health.
Giorgo by Marauder – Daft Punk
Likewise bass-heavy however definitely a little cleaner produced: Giorgo by Marauder by Daft Punk. On the electro track, the earphones are encouraging in the bass department, even when I deviate from my preference for midrange and treble in the equalizer and go full bass. While the bass doesnt tend to overdrive, I envision it may even be too little for some listeners.
Antoine explains himself as more of a bass fan and would have certainly patched together a more hip-hop-heavy playlist. By default, the bass on the headphones wasnt potent enough for him and from his experiences, he spoke of a default setup that must please most users. However thats no big deal, because just like the Life Q30s, Soundcore gets a lot out of them through equalizers.
Equalizer and Hear ID
In the Soundcore app, which I had to run in beta due to the headphones being made available prior to their official release, youll find an 8-band equalizer. The equalizer is effective, but it does not provide any presets for the overwhelmed.

The 11-millimetre motorists produce a clear and effective noise./ © NextPit

With the Hear-ID you can produce a profile that is adjusted to your ear./ © Soundcore/ Screenshot: NextPit

The Liberty Air 2 Pro use an actually excellent grip – a minimum of on me!/ © NextPit

No multi-pairing via Bluetooth.

Not even the ringing of a parcel carrier might I hear and even to sudden noises like the honking of a cars and truck, the earphones reacted dependably. Its good to see that ANC in the price variety around 100 euros (the earphones will certainly fall quickly in cost) can now be rather excellent.
The Transparency mode likewise pleases me up until now in any Anker ANC headphones. Here I personally like it when the environment already nearly shines through like a listening devices and this feeling is simply too weak for me. The dedicated mode for voices also does not have much of an impact in my evaluation. Absolutely nothing for hobby spies at the neighbouring table or at the grocery store checkout.

Linking the earphones to paired smart devices is practically “Apple-esque”.
Slide on the charging case and the headphones connect to the phone. You put both earphones in your ear and thanks to the wear detection, the music is also played directly. The whole thing works remarkably well on both Apples iOS and Android, and begs the question, why cant this always be the case?
Its also nice that the wear detection works by means of pressure and not via a proximity sensing unit. This suggests you can put the earphones on the table or in your pocket when in mono mode, i.e. when using a set of headphones, and not need to stress over the music heading out all the time.
Phone call
I also made a great deal of phone calls with real cordless headphones. The call quality was really great on my end and the other party didnt even discover that I was using the earphones instead of my smart phone. The only thing that bothered me a little was that I couldnt hear my own voice also due to the construction.

Johanna, on the other hand, could not discover a single one in the eight pairs (!) of consisted of attachments (together with the pre-installed ones, thats nine) that really wished to fit her. Antoine also felt that the Liberty Air 2 Pro didnt use adequate assistance and longed for either larger ear tips or an additional holder.
Still, you have to offer Soundcore credit for consisting of an above-average number of accessories. These are obviously all made of silicone rather than memory foam. The latter conforms a little much better to the users ear canal, while the silicone accessories rely a bit more on the pressure created when plugged in.
Battery life
During my 10-hour using marathon, I just needed to put the headphones back in the charging cradle as soon as. Thats since the battery life of simply under six hours when used in the ear, which Soundcore told us in advance, is likewise sensible in practice. The volume was moderate and ANC was mainly active.
With the charging case, you can recharge the headphones a full 3 times. Anker likewise talks about a fast charging function, which must allow you to charge the headphones for a full two hours after a ten-minute charge. Whether that refers to putting the earbuds in the event or plugging in the charging case through its USB-C port is difficult to tell without more information.
Nevertheless, Im assuming that Soundcore is charging the case – but the headphones themselves also charge sufficiently quickly. They were adequately fully charged to not have any issues when I put the earphones back when not in usage and then required them again. Considering that many users probably put the headphones in the charging case every so often in between usages, use is rather hardly ever disrupted by the tedious “Battery Low” statement.
Compact case with cordless charging
A couple of words about the case! Due to the fact that its no problem to slide the case open with one hand and close it again.

What I do not like about the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro …

The ANC (subject to alter).
The Liberty Air 2 Pro are Soundcores first in-ear headphones with active sound cancellation. Expectations were less high due to my experience with the Soundcore Life Q30.

What I really sorely miss about the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, however, is the capability to combine multiple Bluetooth gadgets at when.
After all, being able to combine the Life Q30 with both your phone and notebook makes house and work life a lot easier. So Soundcore currently has the technology to detect and immediately change playback on 2 devices.
Why the function does not exist in the brand-new True Wireless earphones is beyond me, and thats potentially one of the huge criticisms. Because it suggests Soundcore is launching earphones that do not have a function that Apple has long been able to do, and that Samsung is rumoured to be including in its new Galaxy Buds Pro.
Frustrating self-promotion in the app.
Shockingly, I also discovered that Soundcore markets its own products in its own app. From the notice icon, you can see statements like the January 12 unveiling of brand-new in-ear earphones (I question which ones they could be?

In my viewpoint, the over-ear headphones use rather average ANC.

Im assuming that Soundcore is charging the case – but the earphones themselves likewise charge adequately rapidly.

As a little extra, the charging case supports cordless charging utilizing the Qi standard. For the test, I placed it on a smartphone cradle and currently the three LEDs on the front showed charging. This is a lot more practical if your smartphone supports reverse cordless charging and you can charge it by positioning it on the phone
Connection to your smart phone.
This review is getting too long, but I still do not want to miss out on one detail.

Little contacts are used to charge the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. They snap firmly into the case thanks to magnets./ © NextPit.

The water-resistance of the earphones is just IPX4./ © NextPit.

The charging case of the Liberty Air 2 Pro is little and good./ © NextPit

Nevertheless, the active sound cancellation of the two gadgets is not really comparable, if just due to their construction. Which was normal in my ears and too low in Antoines ears since the Liberty Air 2 Pro deal as in-ear headphones currently a fundamental passive protecting. Nevertheless, if you then change on the ANC, it leads to great sound cancellation in my opinion.
This works enough that I might no longer understand speaker announcements in the grocery store. Even traffic noise during a brief photo trip was minimized to a minimum with the music playing gently. As I compose this review, I have the in-ear headphones in my ear as well and the worried typing on my Logitech MX Keys is less than half as loud.However, with ANC active and no musical feed, I do hear a clearly noticeable crackle. Especially on the left ear, it sounds like a little fire is burning in my ear and it is this one-sidedness that bothers me. Maybe the crackling will be removed by the first final firmware update. Ill check it out and adjust this short article with either bad or excellent news.

Not quite my tempo …

According to the producer, the charging case is not protected versus water at all, so even after taking out the headphones, you have a bad feeling when the earbuds are in the case in your pocket. Hand on heart, I have actually sadly dropped the case including earphones into a glass of water.

The little tab bothered me tremendously when utilizing them. Why only, Soundcore./ © Soundcore/ Screenshot: NextPit.

They each got their own versions of the headphones, as Soundcore sent us numerous models.
The design of the earphones themselves, then, Soundcore has taken more of a hint from the Liberty Air 2. Rather brand-new for a true-wireless headphone from Soundcore, nevertheless, is the integrated Active Noise Cancelling. Even while running, I never felt like the earphones were slipping out of my ear, and after some acclimation, I was even positive enough to flex over the sink with the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro.

More frustrating is the little tab you in some cases find on the Soundcore apps house page. This is likewise where youll reach item statements, and frankly, after buying one item, I do not desire to be tricked into buying its brother or sister. While you can click away the tab, it always returns.
Antoine slams the headphone controls.
One fairly minor information that Antoine still raised in the pre-release interview: While lots of earphones, consisting of the Life Q30 again, announce which ANC mode is presently active, the Liberty Air 2 Pro merely give off a brief beep. Therefore, you have to think a little bit whether you now utilize the transparency mode, which you first have to await the app in the ANC loop on the earphones, or the ANC.
Perhaps this will likewise be fixed by a software upgrade. Because already presently the control of the headphones is really personalized to your needs. For example, instead of ANC, you can also trigger the voice assistant of your phone by pressing for 2 seconds and control ANC only on the phone.
Not particularly waterproof.
One noticeable disadvantage of the Liberty Air 2 Pro is their low certification versus water. Soundcore grants the headphones IPX4 – the “X” represents a not further certified density versus dust and the 4 suggests wetness defense against splashing water from all sides.
Although gadgets are generally a bit more resistant than the accreditations of the producers guarantee, over my Marshall Major III, for instance, I have currently driven in the vehicle and sunk them in the tub – still work, you lose the carefree when using them in the rain or in the bathroom.

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