Vivo X51 review: a new player for the European smartphone market

Vivo carries the meaning along the lines of “I live” – and the Vivo X51 5G is the first sign of life from Chinese manufacturer Vivo in the European market. We took a look at the X51 for you and have come to this conclusion: With Vivo, do anticipate the smartphone market in Europe to get a little bit more crowded.


✓ Great camera system

✓ Very excellent processing ability


✕ Expensive for a brand-new brand name

✕ Snapdragon 765G chipset is not a flagship SoC

Vivo X51 release date and cost

The Vivo X51 will be cost EUR799 in Europe. In addition to the smart device itself, Vivo will include a 33W battery charger, a USB-C charging cable, a case made of transparent silicone, and top quality in-ear earphones to assist you get begun right out of the box.

EUR799 recommended retail cost
Revealed in Europe on 20 October 2020

Vivo X51 style and develop quality

With the X51, Vivo has developed a real beauty. This takes place to be the case with todays smart device designs from simply about all other makers. It is ending up being increasingly hard to inform the gadgets apart at a look: do expect some glass in front, glass at the back, in addition to rounded edges.

Even a great back can be wonderful: The X51 likewise looks proficient at the back./ © NextPit

Two years ago I would have been troubled by the protruding camera module, which houses 3 lenses together with a gimbal (yes, you heard me properly – a gimbal!). These days, it has ended up being an offered.

The screen is a curved AMOLED display screen, which covers virtually the entire front of the handset.
Overall, the screen takes up 92.6% of area. The front electronic camera lies in a small punch-hole in the upper left corner and is hardly obvious when you ogle at the brilliant display. A thin aluminum frame will hold the two glass sides together. Basically, whatever seems made from really high develop quality and is robust.
At the back, you will wind up with this “frost appearance”, which is currently seen in offerings from other mobile phone makers. Vivo has actually truly handled to come up with an exceptional overall bundle in the X51. Tipping the scales at just 181 grams, you wind up with a diagonal display of 6.56-inches, making this a light-weight handset (in its class), while the mere 7.3 cm width makes it really easy to stow in many pockets.

Vivo X51 display screen

6.56 inch/ 16.65 cm
1,080 x 2,376 pixels/ 398 ppi
19.8:9 element ratio
AMOLED screen with 16 million colours and 500 nits brightness

As I had actually currently written: I like the 6.56-inch curved AMOLED display screen.
It fills up the majority of the front of the X51 and falls off the edges and corners in the very best method possible. The so-called bezels are exceptionally narrow and hence, hardly noticeable.
While it may be great to see a 120 Hz refresh rate, maybe Vivo omitted this function due to the fact that of battery life concerns. The X51 does not reach the optimum values of some top smart devices of 120 Hz, but 90 Hz would still be sufficient for most devices at this point – including the recently announced iPhone 12 variety.
The Vivo X51 screen also supports HDR10+. This permits images and videos that utilize this format to be shown in even greater detail that is as real as possible.
The screen is secured by a thin protective movie that is barely noticeable. If you desire to keep it or to eliminate it, it is a matter of taste. Opportunities are you would be really happy to have the protective film over the thin glass layer after a couple of months of use, as this guarantees you will avoid any sort of nasty scratches that might occur from regular use.

Vivo X51 software application

The Vivo X51 ships with Android 10 right out of the box, and it overlays that with its own interface that is referred to as Funtouch OS.

This takes place to be rather close to Stock Android, which (ideally) means that Vivo can supply regular updates for its products down the road.

Android 10
Surface Area Funtouch OS 10 Global

Vivo X51 efficiency

Make a lot out of a little: The night mode of the video camera.
Naturally, we were specifically thrilled about the night shots. According to Vivo, the gimbal permits long shutter speeds of 1/8 second – which ought to be taken with a pinch of salt. We actually found such long shutter speeds in the EXIF data, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for instance, even defines 1/4 second. However in the age of Computational Photography, where every photo is composed of a number of single images, the benefit of the shutter speed is negated through software alone.

The Vivo X51 cameras do not offer too much scope for subsequent enormous prints or in-depth enhancements. If you zoom in more, fine information rapidly look muddled – which you can see here in this direct comparison with the iPhone.

The appeal results can likewise be applied to portrait photos taken with the rear electronic cameras.
The image stabilization of the Vivo X51 is remarkable.
Videos can be shot with the main video camera in 4K at 60 frames per second. Due to the gimbals really excellent performance, practically wobble-free outcomes can be achieved.
Nevertheless, we want to take a better look at these alternatives and write a different short article about them.

Vivo X51 cam.

You can change the appeal filter down almost to the end if you want to show at least a couple of concern lines to match the current situation. Otherwise, the Vivo X51 smoothes out all wrinkles – be it at night or during the day./ © NextPit.

No 3.5 mm jack adapter.
Headphone connection through adapter USB-C to 3.5 mm.

In direct comparison with the iPhone, the images of the X51 look much gaudier./ © NextPit.

What does “gimbal” in this context mean – and is it really similar to the various external gimbals that DJI, Rollei, and Zhiyun deal for smart devices? Not actually.
Here are all cam modules at a glimpse:.

Vivo X51 audio.

Vivo X51 battery.

In direct comparison, images taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max look much more neutral. Those who are irritated by the color reproduction will discover numerous choices in the settings, for example to adjust the saturation.

If the AI is active on the Vivo X51, it substantially enhances the dynamic variety. I like the colors better than on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which likes to wrap sunsets in an all too dull orange./ © NextPit.

specifically real for the Vivo X51 as it is the first mobile phone to include a gimbal.
, while its twin that is offered in Asia, the X50, lacks that.

Similar to the current generation of Pixel smart devices or the Realme X3 Superzoom, a special astrophotography mode is likewise offered. If you change Fabis hands with a tripod – see the copying image – you must have the ability to record incredible images of the Milky Way. In our test picture, it was possible to get additional details out by editing in Photoshop (best image).

Ultra-wide angle: 15.7 mm, 8 megapixels, F2.2.
Main video camera: 25.7 mm, 48 megapixels, F1.8.
Telephoto cam (2x): 50 mm, 13 megapixel, F2.5.
Telephoto cam (5x): 135 mm, 8 megapixel, F3.4.
Selfie electronic camera: 24.7 mm, 32 megapixel, F2.5.

A Snapdragon 765G chipset runs underneath the hood of the Vivo X51. The prime core is clocked at 2.4 GHz, with the second core running at 2.2 GHz. The remaining half dozen cores run at 1.8 GHz.
When it comes to internal memory, there is just one variant readily available, that is, 256 GB. There is no separate SD or microSD memory card slot for growth purposes.

had the Vivo X51 to examine for a whole week, and throughout the entire duration, we are happy to report that this smart device never ever reached its performance limits.

Mars, at the bottom of the image, is regrettably overexposed and thus white instead of red./ © NextPit.

In the dark, Vivo brings considerably more information to the photos than Apple/ © NextPit.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Clock frequency: Octa-Core (1 x 2.4 GHz, 1 x 2.2 GHz, 6 x 1.8 GHz).
RAM: 8 GB.
ROM: 256 GB.
No SD card slot offered.

Upon closer examination, fine information typically end up being muddy./ © NextPit.

A 5G modem is also built into the Snapdragon 765G. For those who have not yet skilled 5G connectivity, we have this to state: If you have actually ever experienced 5G speed, it would be tough to return to anything slower than that. Anybody who states that you dont require 5G has actually not experienced it.

The Vivo X51 is flexibly established with its 4 cameras./ © NextPit.

Vivo relies mostly on a basic series of sensing units. With the main electronic camera suspended in the gimbal, it looks substantial. The Sony IMX586, already around two years of ages, is the element of choice here. The 1/2-inch sensor with its 48 megapixels is standard devices on a number of the present mid-range mobile phones – and it is the software application that winds up as being the definitive factor when it pertains to image quality. And if Vivo did not bungle things up, the stabilized suspension should permit considerably longer shutter speeds than the competitors, which would be a benefit when it concerns night shots. However lets begin with daytime shots.

Similar to virtually all current smart devices, a visible island increases up on the back of the Vivo X51, which houses the electronic camera modules. You may like or hate the typical optical offerings – however these electronic cameras merely need their space in order to operate. This expression rings e.

If you look closely, you can observe the gimbals motion./ © NextPit.

The Sony IMX586 can no longer keep up with the current crop of large 100-megapixel sensors in regards to reproduction information. For many functions, thicker ones will be adequate, though/ © NextPit.

The following collage as soon as again reveals an area that has actually been enlarged by 500% compared to the previous image. This assists you can get a much better image of the reproduction detail.

Selfies: Iron out my wrinkles, please!
You just got up in the other days clothing and wondered how the hell you were able to sleep on the flooring for 5 hours? Do not worry: Your Instagram-Selfie will not reveal that 10 seconds later on. The Vivo X51 will iron all the wrinkles from last night (or the last 30 years) in a digital transformation if you want.

I am not a huge fan of smartphones not having any 3.5 mm audio jack. This design defect has not altered with the Vivo X51, particularly because there is just one speaker built-in.
While it is enough for listening to podcasts, stereo speakers always work far much better. Thankfully, the speaker is loud enough to deliver a decent listening experience although it will not beat having a pair of earphones to go along with it.
Fans of the 3.5 mm audio jack will be disappointed. There is no such one here. Nevertheless, you can bypass this problem with a USB-C-to-3.5 mm adapter, letting you use your existing wired headphone set.

It gets more interesting in total darkness. Here, too, we let the Vivo X51 contend versus the iPhone 11 Pro Max – and the difference is as clear as night and day! Although Vivo does not provide a multi-second hands-free night mode à la Huawei, it is plainly exceptional to Apples offering in terms of night shots.

Beautiful pictures, intense colors.
In daytime, the Vivo X51 delivers beautiful results throughout. From ultra-wide-angle to 5x telephoto, the image quality is easily sufficient for all of your digital applications – especially when it concerns social media. The colors can be pretty gaudy though, making the pictures a bit similar to Samsung smart devices in terms of color recreation.

Excellent news: The X51 has no problems with chromatic aberration – a “popular” issue with telephoto lenses./ © NextPit.

4,315 mAh Lithium battery.
33 Watt charger.

Final decision.

You should buy the Vivo X51 if …

… you are looking for a real flagship with 5G support.

Internal storage:.
256 GB.

With my typical usage pattern, even consisting of video playback and some gaming time, I was barely able to exhaust the handsets battery by the end of the day.

Battery size:.
4315 mAh.

Android version:.
10 – Q.

Rear cam:.
48 megapixels.

… you take a lot of images and videos.

Personally, the Vivo X51 first surprised me with the video camera and then really made me a follower for the rest of the evaluation period. In truth, the cam setup of the Vivo X51 smartphone did not leave much to be wanted, with the color saturation being rather similar to many other Southeast Asian smartphone makers – that is, over the top at times, but the total camera package showed to be a really great entertainer.

Vivo did not skimp on features in their very first European smartphone venture which will be launched to the masses quickly. The X51 with its devices (specifically the video camera system) can handle the big 3 (Apple, Samsung, and Huawei) – and did we mention that it also has 5G onboard? You wont want to return to LTE once you have actually delighted in 5G speed.

158.46 x 72.8 x 8.04 mm.

Front video camera:.
32 megapixels.

Vivo X51.
To device database.

8 GB.


If …

… you go for proven brands, you shouldnt purchase the Vivo X51.

181 g.

Vivo? Here in Europe, Vivo is still a relative unknown.

Max. clock speed:.
2.4 GHz.

Vivo X51 technical requirements.

Screen size:.
6.56 in.

I am a power user when it concerns mobile phones: emails, Slack, and also tethering when I need to deal with my laptop computer while I am on the road. With the Vivo X51, it never let me down during my review period, even though I tethered via 5G which can be rather power-hungry.

With a 33 watt battery charger, you will have the ability to charge the 4,315 mAh battery from 0 to 100 within the hour. 15 minutes worth of charging ought to be able to supply you with a number of hours of regular usage.

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Vivo carries the significance along the lines of “I live” – and the Vivo X51 5G is the first indication of life from Chinese producer Vivo in the European market. We took a look at the X51 for you and have actually come to this conclusion: With Vivo, do expect the smart device market in Europe to get a little bit more crowded. Vivo has really handled to come up with an extraordinary total package in the X51. As with virtually all existing smartphones, a noticeable island increases up on the back of the Vivo X51, which houses the cam modules. In daytime, the Vivo X51 provides gorgeous results throughout.

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