Why can’t the Samsung Galaxy S21 be a regular flagship?

Yes, were in the middle of CES 2021, however were likewise on the eve of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Let us be honest with ourselves, the rising disappointment from a disgruntled journalist at not being able to physically participate in a significant tech program frequently results in a moody post and ramblings which will most probably be of little interest to you readers.
And the idea of writing yet another post on the reaction of the tech giants exhibiting at CES 2021 in the post-Covid “new regular” era makes my hair stand on end as I seem like Ive been harping about this style for months. No, today, there will be no self-questioning, no journal excerpt. Instead, Im returning to what interests me: innovation.
On Thursday, January 14th, Samsung will reveal its new high-end smart device, the Galaxy S21. Whatever individuals say throughout the entire fanboy spectrum, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the first flagship of 2021 and most likely the most eagerly waited for Android mobile phone in the technosphere since right now. Thats the case every year. “Come on, Antoine, a little originality please”, you believe, and the tapping of keyboards has actually already begun. Hold your horses, Im getting there!
I dont want any more boring, generic Samsung flagships
The factor Im eluding a lot is to show how boring the high-end smartphone market has been to me. I dont have another word for it. And the mobile phone that has actually represented this boring-ness, by not being exceptional in any way is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.
You already understand the tune, youve probably been able to review much of my articles what I consider this device. “Lack of ambition/20” or “Galaxy Nothankyou 20”, thats how I entitled review test at the release of its pedecessors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 represents practically everything the Samsung Galaxy S21 should not be/ © NextPit

Whatever individuals state throughout the entire fanboy spectrum, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the first flagship of 2021 and probably the most excitedly awaited Android smart device in the technosphere as of right now. For the Samsung Galaxy S21, I do not want the base design to attempt to reveal off an ugly plastic back. For the Samsung Galaxy S21, I desire the S-Pen to be a default choice on all variants, and not just the possible Plus, Ultra or GigaProMax versions. Speaking of mobile phones in its standard format, when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S21, I do not want the most innovative device producer on the market for years now to flex to the naive and unbearably self-righteous position of Apple by offering its battery charger individually. For the Samsung Galaxy S21, I do not desire to feel like Im being tricked with my European version of the Exynos compared to the Americans and their Snapdragon variation.

I am all right with a four-digit cost. I am cool if I need to resell my existing handset and iPad 2019 to raise some funds. However Im not going to invest the equivalent of 2 months minimum wage to purchase a high-end mobile phone. On the other hand, I dont desire to absolutely forget this market section either. I do not have an “ideological” rejection of flagships. Im not opposed on concept to the idea of a smart device being more pricey than others simply since it is in a various class.
Seriously, I cant see myself remaining sane if the only smart devices available to the typical person are the 25 mid-range versions of Realme and some other rebranded Redmi handsets. No, I still wish to have an interest in flagships, however just if theyre fascinating enough. Why focus everything on one product, make it the cornerstone of its annual balance sheet, the basic bearer of its know-how, if it is scheduled for just 1% of customers?
A smartphone is not a luxury item. It is even thought about as a vital great today. I endure the traditional gold-plated or diamond-encrusted versions that retail for an overwhelming EUR10,000 (Vertu, anyone?) merely since they do not pretend to be more than what they are: bling-bling toys for wealthy customers.
However a flagship must have an approach of being accessible to everybody. Not a populist agenda, however popular by choice and is by no ways elitist. And, despite the reputation of being anti-Samsung that Ive enjoyed since I signed up with NextPit, I remain optimistic and believe in Samsung to break the routine of the high-end or flagship market.
The Galaxy S21 could not just mark a revival at Samsung, however it could also reanimate the really principle of a flagship smartphone. At least, I hope so.

For the Samsung Galaxy S21, I dont want the base model to dare to flaunt an ugly plastic back. It doesnt matter how sophisticated the plastic or polymer alloy is, and it does not matter how wonderfully matte and sophisticated the upholstery is. I desire glass, I desire a daring and original style, I desire curves and not a flat screen, I wish to see some risks taken, period! And the style teased by the leakers and Samsung itself has so far made me positive.
For the Samsung Galaxy S21, I want the S-Pen to be a default alternative on all versions, and not just the possible Plus, Ultra or GigaProMax variations. If I desire to take advantage of an essential feature, please do not blackmail me into choosing the most pricey models. If the Galaxy S lineup is going to take in the Note in the future, I want the Galaxy S21 to make a clean break and not a peaceful shift. Samsung cant do things in halves, specifically not this year.
Speaking of smart devices in its standard format, when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S21, I do not want the most ingenious device manufacturer on the marketplace for several years now to flex to the ignorant and unbearably self-righteous position of Apple by selling its battery charger separately. This is not a genuine effort or an ethical option to save the planet. Its a dishonest and insidious marketing technique to increase ones margins by playing on the consumers emotions and blackmailing them at the cost of ones carbon footprint.
For the Samsung Galaxy S21, I dont want to feel like Im being fooled with my European version of the Exynos compared to the Americans and their Snapdragon version. I understand Samsungs insistence on its proprietary chip and I appreciate it. In truth, the producer has listened well (in a manner, a minimum of based upon dripped benchmark outcomes) to the complaints of users and testers.
Samsung understands that it can not continue to market 2 various variations with different performance levels however at the exact same price. As soon as again mark a unquestionable and clear development, the Samsung Galaxy S21 must. The Exynos vs Snapdragon debate should no longer exist and Samsung has no option but to reverse the pattern and develop a surprise.

EUR2020: Thats the cost I would have had to spend to own the only mobile phone that truly impressed me this year/ © NextPit.

Its almost here. Stay tuned for the #ExynosOn. #Exynos _ is_back https://t.co/bEfaV2qxWv pic.twitter.com/kqJGxNy4MN– Samsung Exynos (@SamsungExynos).
January 12, 2021.

However even if all of these needs, which I provide in the way of a spoiled kid, come true by some wonder, they will fail if the Samsung Galaxy S21 stays unaffordable.
I want a Samsung Galaxy S21 that makes all of my dreams come true and is available.
Ive been bitching about it a lot in this article, as usual. However I would likewise like to advise you that the smart device that made me dream the most this year and even revived a hint of hope in my now-numb heart is likewise a Samsung model: the Galaxy Z Fold 2.
As gorgeous as the couple of weeks I spent with this jewel in my hands were, I always knew full well that this was an above-ground product, one that was not made for me, which was even developed so that I could not manage to own one.
With the Samsung Galaxy S21, I want a REAL flagship. What I indicate by that is, I do not want an unattainable technological showcase that holds out the prospect of a trickle-down of a development that will take 5 years to end up being commonplace.
Nor do I desire a flagship that slaps a EUR2,000 cost in my face so that I can intend to feel even a little emotion, enjoyment and question an item. Do not get me wrong, Im not wishing for a cost effective flagship, the lockdown and self-quarantine procedures have not made me go totally out of my mind yet. But I want a flagship that makes me dream while being available to the average consumer.

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