Action-packed platformer Blue Fire launches in February – Rock Paper Shotgun

“Embark on an extraordinary adventure through the perished world of Penumbra to explore unique temples filled with increasingly hard 3D platforming challenges, varied opponents, quests, antiques, and more,” state the developers of Robi Studios. I tried to choose a screenshot up there that catches how snappy its movement looks, however a still image just doesnt do it justice. Catch this here brand-new trailer for an appearance at it.

Sure enough, Blue Fire aims to have all the platform-y things one would anticipate. Theres wall running, laser dodging, and some column of air riding too. Ah yes and the oh so rewarding air dash jump too. Beyond the dodging and leaping there are different capes to equip your character with and upgrades to unlock that provide you additional abilities. I do not often embrace 3D platforming however this one I rather like the appearance of.
You can find Blue Fire over on Steam where it will introduce on February 4th for $20. A cost in pounds wasnt pointed out, but thats someplace in the community of ₤ 15 for you folks.

Frequently, I initially hear about neato-looking indie video games when theyre barely more than a shimmer in the developers eye. When something falls in my lap that Ill be able to play before Ive forgotten it exists, its a real reward. Enter this action-packed platformer Blue Fire which is launching on February 4th when youll be hopping, hacking, and slashing your way through its dark world.

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