Dan Stevens says Judi Denchs reaction to Cats was too sweary to repeat – NME

The star, who stars opposite Dench in Blithe Spirit, relayed his co-stars memories of the shoot on Tom Hoopers live-action CGI remake of the timeless musical.

The musician-turned-actor explained: “For the longest time, I was attempting to figure out whats the perfect very first role. Cats examined all the boxes.

When asked for specifics in terms of the method Judi Dench evaluated the film, Stevens said: “I dont believe I can duplicate it. It was full of curs!”

In a three-star review of Cats, NME said: “All things considered though, Cats succeeds to avoid a second mauling at the hands of the Internet meme mob.

He added: “That seems to be my long-lasting memory of the shoot. She was still bemused by what had actually happened.”

” It may not be for everybody, but leave your cynicism at the door and youll find that theres unexpected fun to be had here– in spite of the weirdness.”

” You cant get a more start-studded cast, you dont get a more reputable director than an Oscar winner, and Rum Tum Tugger is a legacy function, a standout character in a timeless musical.”

Having dealt with Dench in the past, the actor also included that “theres not much that gets her going like that, but she was quite mad about the fur, I think.”

Dan Stevens has stated Judi Denchs response to Felines was “full of curs”.

Recalling Denchs mindset on set, Stevens informed Yahoo! Films she “was slightly in rehabilitation from her experience with Cats, so it was simply extremely, uproarious listening to her de-brief from all of that.”

Meanwhile, Cats star Jason Derulo stated in 2015 that he thought the movie was “gon na change the world”.

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