EE boss slams rivals 5G coverage claims – live updates – The Telegraph

Now EE has actually fired warning shots at its rivals, saying rivals may be “overemphasizing their 5G coverage claims”. EE manager Marc Allera stated: “One rival which currently purports to have the highest number of 5G locations in the UK, in fact has coverage levels lower than EEs in numerous of those … Another rival, which recently declared the best 5G in London, was pricing estimate the results of a report that tested primarily only where they had strong signal, instead of capturing the wider location.”.

The UKs mobile networks are in a race for the widest possible 5G protection, offering consumers a factor to update to the newest phones and consume more data..

EE said it had asked Ofcom to look into setting a consistent standard for what constitutes 5G protection in an area..

They have actually likewise taken to making strong claims about where their 5G protection has actually been switched on, when in some cases that coverage might just reach a few streets..

Matthew Howett, an analyst with Assembly Research, stated: “What we dont know are the approaches being used so the sooner Ofcom determine it, the much better.”.

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