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” Much like our initial Elite Dangerous release, we will be taking a phased approach to our Alpha, bringing new functions and systems online throughout the duration,” they state. “This will permit us to focus and finest consider our neighborhood feedback while likewise providing essential user screening on key areas of the video game.”
Odyssey seems like quite a large expansion for the huge spaceflight MMO. No longer will you be stuck hanging out in your cockpit all the time. Youll have the ability to go out and stomp around in all that space dirt on the worlds you check out, visiting social hubs and getting a taste of combat on foot.
Frontier have actually been offering updates on Odysseys development over on YouTube, which they say theyll continue to do leading up to introduce.
By the by, Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the expansion that added space cars and trucks for you to roll about in, is now included with the base game.

Due to the ongoing effect of the pandemic on their work, Frontier say theyve moved things back by a couple of months for the PC release so they can maintain realistic deadlines for the team. After that, Frontier say theyve prepared Odysseys full launch for late spring on PC.

Frontier Developments have been preparing up a new growth for big space MMO Elite Dangerous but hold up, it hasnt been cleared to disembark just. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey had actually been prepared for early in 2021 however that window is getting bumped back thanks to our consistent buddy Covid-19. Odyssey is now anticipated in late spring for PC gamers, Frontier say in a brand-new announcement.

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