Fauna’s fashionable audio eyewear is finally here!

We first became aware of Fauna back at IFA 2019. I tried a very early model back then and was pleasantly surprised with both the style and sound quality. Unlike Bose, Fauna appeared to have actually produced audio eyewear that was really comfy to use and trendy. Now, 2 years later on, the end product is ready for a market launch.
These are the very first audio glasses without big, chunky temples. They really work and look like genuine glasses too, securing the wearers eyes from the sun or blue light. The basic lenses provided can also easily be exchanged for prescription lenses by an optician due to the frames being made from natural acetate which can be heated up and fitted by an expert. In theory, a minimum of, you might use these as your everyday glasses.

The Fauna Audio Glasses are the most stylish variation of this item weve seen up until now./ © Fauna

Audio wearable brand, Fauna, has actually finally introduced its audio glasses. When again brings the worlds of high style and high tech ever better together, the brand-new speaker-powered eyeglasses will take on the likes of the Bose Frames in a relocation that.

2 versions of the Fauna eyeglasses are offered, a Spiro Transparent Brown set of sunglasses and the Memor Havana glasses with blue light filter lenses. Both models are suitable with iPhone 5 or later on and Android 6.0 or later on and utilize Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of as much as 10 metres.
Talk to me about sound quality
The version I evaluated was still an extremely early prototype when I tried these back in 2019. It would not have been fair to evaluate the sound quality entirely based upon that experience, but I left the Berlin exhibition optimistic about what Fauna was dealing with.
The audio module in each temple and each module includes a patented MEMS micro speaker, an electrodynamic speaker, a touch-pad, associated electronic devices and a battery. 2 microphones are likewise integrated into the best temple with beam-forming and echo cancelling. The frequency bandwidth is from 250 Hz to 20 kHz.

A trademarked USound MEMS micro speaker and an electrodynamic woofer sit in each temple./ © Fauna

The Fauna Audio Glasses charging case links via Bluetooth with a smartphone or PC; a particular app is not required. The glasses are controlled by touching and swiping on the temples. The glasses remain light-weight despite all the electronics inside, with both variations weighing 50 grams.
Rate and availability
Both variations of the Faun glasses will be readily available to purchase from wearfauna.com or Selfridges online for an RRP of ₤ 249 and $299. The Bose Frames Alto, went for $199, a complete $100 more affordable than the Fauna glasses.
Well be having a look at a complete evaluation system quickly, so remain tuned to NextPit for our impressions.

The Memor Havana model consists of changeable Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect lenses which minimize blue light direct exposure from computers and phones which is shown to impact the body clock and cause poor sleep before bed. The Spiro model includes replaceable Carl Zeiss Vision sun lenses, protecting eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Both designs are (IP52) water and dust resistant and come with a two-year guarantee.
Battery life and charging
The battery for both variations offers approximately 20 hours standby and more than 5 hours of music, voice assistant, or call, according to Fauna Theres a 100 mAh battery in the glasses and a 1,300 mAh battery in the charging case, supplying an extra 5 battery chargers. Charging time is two hours for a complete charge.
Whats really interesting about the charging case, nevertheless, is the way the glasses link to the battery charger. The ports are concealed in the hinge of the glasses, implying theres no cable television to link as weve seen on other audio eyeglasses models. These charge the very same way true-wireless earphones do, whichs cool.

The audio devices inside the Fauna Audio Glasses./ © Fauna

Animal says its Audio Glasses are pioneering and special on the market due to the audio innovation and sound direction, declaring that the sound travels directly to the users ear without significant leak. The concept is that you will not interrupt coworkers or others close by, and no one else will be able to hear any music, a podcast, or your personal call. In addition, users will always have the ability to view the surroundings and hear what goes on around as the ear canal is not blocked making them safe to utilize when outdoors and crossing roads.

The charging connectors are hidden in the frames of the glasses./ © Fauna.

We initially heard of Fauna back at IFA 2019. These are the very first audio glasses without big, chunky temples. The audio module in each module and each temple includes a trademarked MEMS micro speaker, an electrodynamic speaker, a touch-pad, associated electronics and a battery. The ports are hidden in the hinge of the glasses, suggesting theres no cable television to connect as weve seen on other audio eyeglasses models. The Fauna Audio Glasses charging case connects by means of Bluetooth with a smartphone or PC; a specific app is not required.

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