Lily Allen considered taking heroin at her lowest point of addiction struggles – Mirror Online

Lily Allen has exposed that she considered taking heroin at the height of her addiction concerns
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Lily Allen considered taking heroin at the lowest point of her struggle with dependencies, and admits: “I knew when that thought popped into my head it was time to face my satanic forces.”

The singer, 35, sober for 18 months, explains 2 points in her life where she sought help for alcoholism.

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Speaking openly about her healing procedure, she confesses she felt “guilty” for “ignoring my kids” at the peak of her addiction.

Lily sank into alcoholism while exploring with Miley Cyrus in 2014 on a trip she explains as “extremely sexualised”, where she was “supporting this girl that was much younger and more attractive than I felt” after having her 2 kids, Ethel, 9, and Marnie, 8.

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6 months after Marnie was born in 2013, Lily says she “lacked cash”, so returned to the stage.

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Having seen the destructive result of the drug on people she understood in the celebration scene, she acknowledged it was time to confront her “devils”.

Lily Allen revealed how dependency nearly damaged her life.
( Image: Instagram).

Now sober because July 2019, she says: “Ive concerned a location of accepting I cant really get included in all that things any longer.”.

She states her daughters can speak with her with their problems, which is “golden” for her.

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” I felt so guilty for overlooking my kids in those early years of their life, and needing to go off on tour and misbehaving the way I was,” she continues. “I really have an excellent relationship with kids now.”.

She and Sam – daddy to her 2 children – divorced in 2018.

For help call Alcoholics Anonymous on freephone 0800 9177 650 or contact

After participating in recovery, “the rooms”, she got tidy, however started drinking once again 6 months later.

Lily Allen with her 2 children and now-husband David Harbour (left).
( Image: lilyallen/Instagram).

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It was then she thought about taking heroin.

” I was so resentful, so upset all the time, truly seemed like the world owed me stuff and I d got the raw end of the offer. That went on for another four years, and I wound up back in the rooms once again.”.

Lily Allen married partner David Harbour last year.
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” I got addicted to this drug,” she says, speaking to DJ Fat Tonys The Recovery podcast.

The following year, during Mileys trip, she says she “acted up” consisting of cheating on her then other half, Sam Cooper.

In her darkest moments she confesses she was “getting up in the morning, going straight to the minibar and downing mini vodka bottles, or whisky or whatever was left”.

Lily Allen and Sam Cooper before their split.
( Image: FameFlynet).

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” Theyre confident little ladies – touch wood theyre not going to develop into drug addicts like I did.”.

” Almost instantly I lost everything,” she states. “I lost my marital relationship, I lost my house I d worked for 10 years to purchase, my career began sinking, I lost all my pals.

” I do not have as much as I had then in regards to success and wealth, however I have success and health in my head which is more valuable, I believe.”.

Lily married Stranger Things sober star David Harbour in 2015, and says the pair have a “pleased and healthy” relationship.

She states she “did not feel like a popstar” at the time, so began taking Adderall to drop weight.

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