Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told to abandon their own titles or face furious backlash – Express

Meghan and Prince Harry have retained their full titles after stepping down as senior royals in March last year. However, the Queen has barred them from using their His/Her Royal Highness (HRH) styles.

Now, as the 12-month review of the so-called Megxit deal is nearing its end, one royal commentator said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should either give up their ducal titles or, much like they are doing with the HRH styles, simply not use them.

This move would help stave off criticism that the Sussexes are using their royal links and titles for financial gain.

Royal author Phil Dampier told the Daily Telegraph: “It’s obvious Harry and Meghan are not coming back, and have very much made their life in America, so the best thing for all is for a line to be drawn.

“I think they should volunteer to renounce, or at least not use, their ducal titles, so they face no further criticism of cashing in.

“The Queen would be very reluctant to take them away – Harry is still her beloved grandson – but only then would they be totally free to do whatever they like.”

Similarly, the managing editor of Majesty magazine Joe Little believes the Sussexes, the Crown and organisations linked to Meghan and Harry need a clean break to move forward with more clarity.

He said: “They’ve moved to America and are not coming back, so we all need to move on.

“Senior bods in the Royal Marines, for instance, would like some clarity over who their Captain General is supposed to be.” 

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Mr Little added being a working royal and striking multi-million dollars deals are “polar opposite” positions.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig believes the Queen may ask the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the near future to adopt their royal titles only when they are in a royal setting rather than at any moment, even when introducing their work with Netflix or Spotify.

Speaking about the upcoming Megxit review, the expert previously told “I’d be very surprised if the Queen were to issue a letter patent to remove their titles. 


“What I can see is a recommendation that they don’t use Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their career.”

She continued: “Beatrice and Eugenie use Beatrice York and Eugenie York in business.

“When Prince Edward created Ardent back in the 1990s used Edward Windsor.

“There are precedents for styling their names in this way.

“Why not use Meghan Sussex and Harry Sussex in the credit [of their future work]?”

Meghan and Prince Harry are to face the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William in March, when the terms agreed last January on their post-royal life will be reviewed to make sure they still work for all parts involved.

Among the issues that may be discussed are Harry’s military patronages, which he had to relinquish last year upon stepping down as full-time working royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, however, have been allowed to retain their other patronages and during 2020 have remained in touch with them via video and phone calls.

Meghan and Harry are tipped to return to the UK for the first time in more than a year in June, if travel restrictions will allow it.

During that month, Prince Harry is turning 100 and the Queen is to mark her official birthday with the annual Trooping the Colour parade.

On July 1 Prince Harry is also scheduled to meet Prince William at Kensington Palace for the unveiling of the much-awaited statue of Princess Diana.

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