Miriam Margolyes calls Boris Johnson ‘clown’ and anti-vaxxers ‘nuts’ on Good Morning Britain – The Independent

Margolyes, 79, appeared on the ITV show via a video link from her home in Italy, where she criticised Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and those who oppose the coronavirus vaccination.

Despite being on the show for a brief time, Margolyes – who is known for her zaniness – refused to hold back to the joy of viewers.

“Of course one must have the vaccine,” she told co-host Susanna Reid: “Those anti-vaxxers are nuts. They need their heads seen to.”

She continued: “I’m hoping that I get a vaccine as soon as possible. I’ll be 80 in May and i may be able to have it in Italy before I come [back], but I’m not coming to England until it’s safe to go.

“You’ve got that clown in charge there that I didn’t vote for, and I’m holding him responsible,” she said.

Elsewhere, when describing Trump, she said that she “longs to see the back of him”.

“Like everybody else, I’m astonished and disgusted,” she said about the Capitol riots in Washington DC, which led to Trump being impeached for a second time. 

“I know it’s morning television and I have to be careful about what I say about that man. Let’s say that it ends with ‘hole and starts with ’A’. He is a dangerous man.”

One viewer reacted to her appearance by stating: “Miriam Margolyes is gold in human form. The woman is wonderful.”

“Miriam Margolyes should be running this country,” another added.

One stated: “Called Trump an a**hole and Johnson a clown. Finger on the pulse there.”

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