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MSI intend to “redefine the video gaming SSD” with their two TLC-based drives, using leading read and write speeds of 6900MB/s and 7000mb/s and maximum capacities as much as 4TB. Sadly, that was the level of what MSI exposed during their press conference, so we do not yet know how these drives will vary from each other, how much theyre going to cost, or when well be able to get our hands on them. We can see from the images that both look like theyve got quite substantial heatsinks connected to them, most likely ruling out any hopes of being able to stick them in your PS5.
Still, based on the info we do have– those all-important read and compose speeds– it looks like MSIs SSDs will, in fact, be quite a bit much faster than Samsung and WDs flagship drives, at least when it comes to compose speed. In this department, Samsungs fastest 980 Pro drive tops out at 5000MB/s compose speed, while WDs best Black SN850 drive can strike 5300MB/s compose.
Of course, the faster an SSD is, the more pricey it tends to be, which might work against MSIs pair of NVMe drives in the long run depending on how much theyre going to cost. Undoubtedly, based upon the current prices of Samsungs 980 Pro, which start at ₤ 78 for 250GB in the UK at time of writing (and ₤ 210 for 1TB), MSIs drives might simply be a tad too expensive to make that additional speed worth it.
Indeed, even Samsungs 980 Pro prices are currently a fair bit more than what you can spend on an older PCIe 3 NVMe drive such as WDs outstanding Blue SN550 these days, which normally costs around ₤ 35 for 250GB and ₤ 95 for 1TB. While PCIe 4 is quite the way things are going for SSDs, older PCIe 3 drives are still completely quickly sufficient for video games and everyday usage, and I think prices for PCIe 4 drives will require to come down a fair bit before they become more prevalent.
In any case, its intriguing to see MSI branching off to a brand-new type of element this year, and Im quite anticipating seeing how they compare to Samsung and WDs drives later on in the year.

You probably understand MSI from their graphics cards, motherboards, video gaming laptop computers or even their extensive line-up of mice, keyboards and headsets, but now the element maker has actually announced theyre going to start making SSDs. Revealed last night throughout their CES interview, MSI have actually currently got 2 NVMe drives lined up for launch later this year, and both of them will support the brand-new PCIe 4.0 interface to handle next-gen drives such as Samsungs 980 Pro and WDs Black SN850.

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