Oculus is launching multi-user accounts and app sharing next month – Engadget

The business thinks the features can help increase household use, in addition to avoid piracy. It likewise expects more homes to get several Quest devices in the coming years, which is why app sharing will enable a main account holder to share their purchases across three gadgets in the future. The business likewise states it will evaluate whether it needs to adjust the variety of devices and secondary accounts permitted as it receives feedback from its user community.
When app sharing launches next month, however, primary accounts can only switch on app sharing on one headset, even if they can log into several devices simultaneously. Further, secondary accounts cant share apps with other accounts, even if they were purchases made on that specific Quest. Keep in mind that the only method a headsets main account can be altered is through factory reset.
The company is enabling developers to choose out of app sharing at the moment, but all new Rift or Quest apps submitted to the Oculus platform ought to have the function starting on February 13th, 2021.

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