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But a dark tale of a possible 5th victim– and 2 more double murders– stays untold.

HOW “Bullseye Killer” John Cooper almost got away with 2 grisly double killings has actually grasped viewers of ITVs The Pembrokeshire Murders today.


John Cooper is serving life in jail after being convicted of 2 double murdersCredit: Enterprise News and Pictures


However, Flo Evanss family think she was his 5th victimCredit: Athena Picture Agency


He has actually also been connected to the murders of Harry and Megan ToozeCredit: Wales News Service


The couple were killed in a brutal macabre execution in 1993Credit: Wales News Service

In 2011, dad-of-two Cooper was eventually founded guilty of killing rich brother and sibling Helen and Richard Thomas in 1985 and couple Peter and Gwenda Dixon in 1989.

A coroner ruled that Flo, who was found lifeless in the bath at her country cottage, died of natural causes.

He was identified after a 2005 cold case evaluation led by DS Steve Wilkins found brand-new evidence from upgraded forensics strategies and a clip of TELEVISION video game reveal Bullseye, on which Cooper, now 76, was a participant.

But her family state too numerous features of her death do not accumulate.

The family of frail widow Flo Evans, 77, always thought her 1989 death was no accident– and long presumed farm labourer Cooper.


” I keep in mind going to the authorities when Cooper was apprehended to say that Aunt Flo understood him and lived in strolling distance throughout the fields, which is how he got to all the others.”

But due to the fact that Flos death was ruled an accident, there was no forensic evidence to analyze in that case.

” The police at the time said there was no nasty play however I remember after her post-mortem an officer informing us, Theres more to this.

” But the way she was discovered completely outfitted in a cold bath and without any money in your house. we understood it was suspicious.

Her great-niece Rena Murphy, 59, said: “Aunt Flo was extremely set in her methods, she did things in a particular fashion.


Flos death was ruled an accident but her household always presumed nasty playCredit: Athena Picture Agency


They declare the post-mortem showed theres more to this Credit: Athena Picture Agency

It was while robbery the lonesome manor home of Richard Thomas, 58, and his sibling Helen, 54, that Cooper committed his first known murders, shooting the set then setting your home on fire.

Today the senior investigator backs the claims made by Flos household.

He had actually previously won and blown nearly half a million pounds in a newspaper spot-the-ball competitors– and had actually become addicted to the high life, which he later on funded by ending up being a prolific robber.

” They are all little things however we knew her so well and everything points to Cooper.”

It is thought Cooper was encouraged by money in the 2 double murders for which he was convicted.

He stated: “I know that Cooper had actually been at her home on the day she died. That problems me significantly.

Cooper is chillingly played by Keith Allen in the three-part mini series, seen by 6.8 million viewers in its final episode on Wednesday, while Luke Evans stars as DS Wilkins.

I understand that Cooper had actually been at Flos house on the day she passed away.
DS Wilkins

” Unfortunately, because it was a coroners case there were no forensic exhibitions to examine but Cooper raised Florence Evans in his interview.

Flos niece, Jean Murphy, 80, included: “Money was missing, she didnt have her incorrect teeth in, the TV wasnt turned off correctly and the front door was open.

” He actually started to talk about her. Why would you do that?”

Couple shot in head

The resulting examination soon centred on her partner, Jonathan Jones.

Harry, 64, and partner Megan, 67, were found on their farm in Llanharry, Rhondda Cynon Taf, after child Cheryl was not able to get across them on the phone.

He went on to marry Cheryl, who had campaigned for his release.

Harry and Megan Tooze were eliminated in what was described as a “ruthless, macabre execution” in 1993. They had actually been shot in the head and discarded in a cowshed, their bodies covered with a carpet.

Mr Joness lawyer argued there were similarities between the Cooper cases and the Tooze killings.

EVIL Cooper has been linked to more gruesome murders in Wales.

He was convicted of murder and spent 2 years in jail prior to being freed on appeal in 1996.

” The other thing is there are extremely few double shotgun murders nationally,” he included.

He said these consisted of the truth the Toozes were contended “close quarters” in their remote farmhouse and that attempts were made to hide the bodies.


Coopers 1989 appearance on Bullseye eventually caused his arrestCredit: Bullseye/ITV Challenge


He was dragged to court in 2009Credit: Rex Features

Regardless of 100 investigators working on the case and the Thomas household providing a huge reward, the killer was not caught.

4 years later on, police discovered the bodies of civil servant Peter Dixon, 51, and his partner Gwenda, 52, thoroughly concealed in undergrowth near a remote cliff-top chapel on the rugged Pembroke coastal path.

Flos niece Jean believes Coopers greed was behind her aunts death, too.

Peters 22-carat wedding ring and wallet had been taken.

” He lived across the fields from her and that fits with the method he approached his other victims.

Ballistics specialists revealed they had been eliminated with a Belgian 12-bore shotgun, the very same weapon used to murder Richard and Helen Thomas.

She said: “Cooper understood my auntie. He visited her regularly and would have known there was constantly cash in her bag and more covert upstairs.

” We might never ever comprehend why Aunt Flo was discovered dead in the bath with all her clothing on.

” She always lit a fire in the kitchen area to heat up the water prior to taking a bath and that fire wasnt lit. She never ever took a bath in the daytime.”


She stated: “He was constantly very harsh to animals and to his own child.

Great-grandmother Jean keeps in mind Cooper, who did chores for her aunt, as a nasty male with a sadistic streak.


Audiences were grasped by ITVs The Pembrokeshire Murders, which features Keith Allen as evil CooperCredit: WORLD PRODUCTIONS/ITV


Lee Evans stars as DS Steve Wilkins, who discovered essential new evidenceCredit: WORLD PRODUCTIONS/ITV

When host Jim Bowen inquired about his pastimes, Cooper talked in fantastic detail about the countryside of West Wales, and in particular the area where Peter and Gwenda would soon be found dead.

Neighbours of the deeply religious siblings, who had actually lived peacefully together for 70 years, strongly doubted the murder-suicide explanation.

” Cooper understood my aunties house and my aunts routines which she constantly had cash there.”

Police at first launched a double murder examination after their bodies were found at the house they shared in the quiet town of Llangolman, Pembrokeshire, in December 1976.

In 2011, DS Wilkins finally put Cooper behind bars for the murders of the Thomases and the Dixons.

Jean added: “When Cooper was provided for the other murders we asked the authorities to check out his link to Aunt Flo. Hopefully, the authorities will now reopen the case. It would offer us some closure.”

He said: “I have never ever in my 33 years in the police seen such a close similarity in between an offender and an artists impression. Its like a tracing.”

Detectives later on concluded Griff, 73, had argued with his 70-year-old sibling before striking her on the head with a blunt instrument and setting himself on fire.

A key piece of evidence was darts-mad Coopers appearance on an episode of TV show Bullseye.

Almost 20 years later on in his 2005 cold case evaluation, DS Wilkins dug out this video footage and compared the image of Cooper, with his scruffy mullet and droopy moustache, to an artists impression of the prime suspect in the Dixon murders.

Nobody was surprised when he was provided for murdering 4 innocent individuals.

The criminal offense scene was 24 miles from the farmhouse where Coopers victims Richard and Helen Thomas were discovered in similar circumstances.

Suicide doubt

Cooper is presently serving a life sentence.

” Nobody was shocked when he was provided for killing four innocent individuals.

A coroner decided her death was a terrible accident, saying she might have slipped and fallen into the bath or collapsed unexpectedly.

THE deaths of wealthy Griff Thomas and his sibling Martha, understood as Patti, have actually never been completely described.

Regardless of a substantial search, no weapon was ever discovered.


Cooper murdered bro and sibling Richard and Helen Thomas in 1985Credit: Rex Features


4 years later on, he claimed the lives of other half and better half Peter and Gwenda DixonCredit: Rex Features


Cooper was referred to as a nasty man with a sadistic streak Credit: Wales News Service

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” He is a wicked guy and that has actually discovered well.

Flos great-niece Rena added: “I watched the series and the representation of Cooper is so great.

” Even if they never ever charge him, we will still have the fulfillment of understanding he is locked up for great.”

John Cooper appears on TV program Bullseye three weeks prior to killing Peter and Gwenda Dixon

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