Philips Hue module turns any light switch into a smart switch – Engadget

If you do desire brand-new switches, symbolize There is a new option. An upgraded Philips Hue dimmer switch (shown at middle) gives you the familiar brightness and power functions, however theres now a “Hue” button that lets you immediately allow a preferred lighting scene or adjust the lights to the time of day. The wireless gadget can fit on a wall plate, however itll likewise rest on your fridge or any other magnetic surface. The new dimmer will reach North America on February 23rd for $25.
And yes, there are brand-new Hue bulbs this year. For now, at least, the new Appear version will just be offered in Europe on January 26th for EUR150.

Coming soon: the wall switch module! Make any light switch smart by installing this little gizmo behind the wall plate. Your clever lights remain obtainable– and you can utilize the light switch to set your preferred light scenes.
Europe: spring 2021 North America: summertime 2021— Philips Hue (@tweethue) January 14, 2021

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