Random: No, God-Slayer Bowser Isnt The Official Name For Bowsers New Form – Nintendo Life

For the record, in all communication weve received from Nintendo, the brand-new Bowser kind is just described as Fury Bowser, and this seems correct for the Japanese version, too.

As it occurs, regardless of lots of assuming these tweets to be real, the name has actually never been pointed out by Nintendo to the best of our knowledge and appears to either be a mistranslation or a full-on scam. It does sound pretty remarkable, well admit, however we find it extremely not likely that Nintendo would ever embrace such an expression for one of its characters.

In either case, Fury Bowser still looks quite smokin. In more methods than one.

Following up on this, it has actually been confirmed in brand-new updates to Nintendos English and Japanese Super Mario 3D World sites that the new kind of Bowser is called “Fury Bowser” in both languages and the new type of Cat Mario is called “Giga Cat Mario” in both languages. https://t.co/dNij30t4Pj— Source Gaming (@AllSourceGaming) January 14, 2021

Nintendo of America – “Mega Fury Bowser” Nintendo Japan – “God Slayer Bowser” NoA with the huge L again … pic.twitter.com/frnQU12J4A— Nintendeal (@Nintendeal) January 12, 2021

HIS OFFICIAL NAME IN JAPAN IS “GOD SLAYER BOWSER” AINT NO WAAAY LMAAAOOO, ITS SO CRAZY pic.twitter.com/yHbQycMd20— ⭐ GamesCage – Hype Guy ⭐ (@OnTheDownLoTho) January 12, 2021

Look, we get it, Bowsers latest appearance in Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury is practically as cool as Luigis new lederhosen clothing, but were here to set the record directly on some false information thats been flooding social media.
On the day Nintendo launched its current Bowsers Fury trailer, displaying a giant, genuinely scary Bowser who appeared intent on burning Mario and his own child to a crisp, mumblings surrounding this new Bowser types name began to flow. Its difficult to determine where everything started, but one thing resulted in another, and unexpectedly popular Twitter accounts started to share the reality that in Japan, this new Bowser was officially called God Slayer Bowser.

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