The Chase viewers call for immediate end to episode after contestants sentence to Bradley Walsh – Birmingham Live

“It destroyed the episode,” one groaned.

The Chase was back on ITV1 last night – and left viewers thrilled by the end of the episode as a candidate failed to discover kind in time to win the jackpot.

Bradley Walsh provided as participants Aaron, Anne, Susan and Joe pitted their wits versus one of the callous Chasers in the hope of winning a possible reward pot worth countless pounds.

And its fair to say audiences had little sympathy – calling out his “bad” relocation of taking a low offer in a quote to be home safe.

However last night it wasnt to be for poor Aaron – but fear not, due to the fact that The Chase will return tonight at 5pm.

Each night, previous Coronation Street star and Doctor Who companion Brad invites 4 entrants into the studio in the hope of building a powerful total and winning the jackpot.

“Aaron youve spoilt The Chase tonight by taking the grand, now the whole nation wants you to lose,” a second agreed.

Aaron left audiences squashed after accepting the low deal during his round – and he was consequently the only participant left for the Final Chase.

The 4 were tasked with playing as a team and playing strategically to answer basic knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caught.

He failed to install a decent fight and saw The Chaser knock off his score of 13 concerns in basic, quick style.

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