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Workers (rather sweatily) make their way back behind the drape, shake hands, talk over some things that happened in the ring, shower, get dressed and then leave for the next town or maybe a hotel room. Thats most likely the case 99.9% of the time, but what about the staying 0.01%? Things are a little less straightforward or dull then.
Often, unusual sh * t goes down that d blow your mind, and WWE do not want anyone to learn about it. They d rather these instances were kept the down low, particularly when backstage battles threaten to break out or post-show disgust exposes that the night wasnt precisely best.
There are tales of post-pay-per-view frustration, hot tempers about to boil over in between wrestlers who werent even working together, suspensions for the most minor of things, informal WrestleMania parties that hardly any person understood about, backstage disasters about imaginative, rambling voicemails and more here.
Those stories are signed up with by others on potential mutiny, what actually happens when Raws electronic cameras go even frightening and dark hostage situations that mustve left everyone stunned.
What happens after a lot of battling matches? Not this …

WWE.comWhat occurs after most wrestling matches?

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