Canon made a site that lets you take photos from a real satellite – Engadget

Canon The interactive demo enables you take images from several places, with each shot revealing the area and altitude of the image. However, it utilizes pre-captured imagery, so youre not in fact grabbing live or unique images. If it was live, CE-SAT-1 would be zipping around the Earth at almost 17,000 miles per hour, circling the world in just over an hour and half. The demonstration does provide you a feel for the satellites capabilities and resolution.
The experience is narrated by astronaut Marsha Ivins, who describes the satellites purpose and style. The microsatellites are much smaller and more affordable than regular satellites, and Canon hopes to develop a billion dollar company around them by 2030. After launching the CE-SAT-1 in 2017, Canon tried to release an updated CE-SAT-1B last summer season. However, it was lost when RocketLabs Electron rocket failed shortly after launch.

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