Grab Bomber Crew for free as part of Humble Stores winter sale – Rock Paper Shotgun

You can grab Bomber Crew from its Humble shop page for the price of absolutely nothing anytime throughout, at the time of composing, the next 2 days and 19 hours. Thats 6pm GMT/10am PT/1pm ET on Saturday, January 16th.
Bomber Crew would normally cost you ₤ 15/$15 and is quite excellent. Its a crew management game similar to FTL but set upon a World War 2 bomber instead of a spaceship. Adam enjoyed his time with it back in 2017. (And if you want it was even more like FTL, Nate liked its spaceship-bound follow up Space Crew when it came out late last year).
There are plenty of other good games on sale, including hack-and-slash bugvania Hollow Knight for ₤ 5.50 (50% off) and conveyor belt sim Forager for ₤ 9 (40% off). Yakuza: Like A Dragon is likewise 25% off, which is still expensive at ₤ 41.24 however a decent discount rate for a just recently released big game.

Modest have released their winter season sale, and to kick it off you can get strategy-management game Bomber Crew totally free up until January 16th. Plus there are loads of substantial discounts on other great games.

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