Grime artist Solo 45 has sentence increased to 30 years for raping and imprisoning women – Sky News

Following a hearing the Court of Appeal have ruled that his preliminary sentence was “unduly lax”, and he will now spend 30 years in prison for the 30 charges which took place over a two-year period.
He likewise was likewise handed a 5 years additional licence to show the seriousness of his crimes.
Speaking after the judgment which was made by three senior judges, Solicitor General Michael Ellis QC called Anokyes offences “truly shocking”.

A grime artist who was serving 24 years in prison for sending to prison and repeatedly raping four women has had his sentence increased by six years.
Solo 45, whose real name is Andy Anokye, was condemned of 21 rapes, 5 counts of unlawful imprisonment, 2 counts of attack by penetration and two of real physical damage at Bristol Crown Court last July.

During his trial, the jury heard that the artist obtained sexual pleasure from torturing females by waterboarding, questioning, attacking and raping them.
The court heard that Anokye required one lady to depend on a bath of freezing cold water, held a shotgun to the head of another, held a cloth covered in bleach to femaless faces, and forced a mobile phone down a womans throat.
Graphic video shot by Anokye on his cellphone revealing him abusing several females was also shown to the jury as evidence.
The 33-year-old had actually declared it was consensual function play, or a game he played called “capture me, rape me”. He stated he had actually told the women that he would “terrorise” them.
Anokye, who is from London but had a harbourside house in Bristol, informed the court throughout evidence that he had dacryphilia – sexual stimulation from tears and sobbing.
Anokye belonged to grime cumulative Boy Better Know signed to tape label Island Records, and had actually teamed up with the likes of Stormzy, JME and Wiley.

Calls for Anokye to be offered a life sentence were declined.

Mr Ellis said the courts choice to increase the sentence recognised “the seriousness of the abuse [Anokye] inflicted upon his victims and the danger he presents to the public”.

He carried out under the name Solo 45 with the collective Boy Better Know

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When passing his initial sentence last summer season, judge William Hart, told Anokye he had “no sexual boundaries or empathy for those concerned”.
He said the rap artist – who had a background of gang associations and criminal violence – “become addicted” to the “perverted pleasure” he acquired from abusing his victims and that none of his fellow artists understood about his “dark side”.
He said Anokyes conviction had denied him of a “prospering profession”, but he had just himself to blame.
Avon and Somerset Police first started examining him in 2017, after a lady reported being raped by him.
Following the discovery of the video footage on Anokyes phone, three further woman stepped forward to police.
A fifth female likewise gave proof versus him, but her claims might not be prosecuted as it occurred abroad.
Anokye will just be released from prison after serving at least 20 years of his 30-year prison term behind bars and when the Parole Board is pleased he no longer presents a risk to the general public.
Speaking after the judgment, the Crown Prosecution Services Jill Macnamara stated she invited the increased sentence and hoped it would provide victims of rape and sexual assault confidence in authorities powers to examine, charge and prosecute cases reported to them.

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