Katie Price desperate for Harvey to finally meet his secret half-brother – Mirror Online

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Dwight and Katie pictured in 2001.
( Image: Clive Mason/ALLSPORT).

” I would enjoy Dwight to reach and watch the documentary out to Harvey. Ive always said the door is open for Dwight when he wishes to get in touch.

Now, shes intending to see Harvey lastly satisfy Dwights boy Orlando, who was born in 2007.

Katie Rate is desperate for child Harvey to satisfy his secret half-brother, and is worried that the child does not even understand about his sibling.

Katie has put Harvey in full-time care.
( Image: katieprice/Instagram).

In 2015, Katie struck out at Dwight when Harvey was rushed to health center when his temperature level soared to 42C and he was struggling to breathe.

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Harvey has a number of health conditions, consisting of Prader-Willi Syndrome, autism and partial loss of sight.

Katie with infant Harvey.
( Image: Daily Mirror).

The Mirror has actually contacted Dwights agents for remark.

Katie desires Harvey to meet his half-brother
( Image: katie price/Instagram).

The mum-of-five, who recently put her oldest kid, 18, into full-time care, has actually already told his dad Dwight Yorke that the “door is constantly open” for him.

Documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me airs on January 25 at 8.30 pm, and the former glamour model is hoping that Dwight will see it.

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” If you know your boy remains in intensive care and theres a chance he could pass away, as a human being with sensations you should get in contact.”.

She fumed: “Whether you wish to be in your boys life or not, you still created him and hes still your son.

Katie, 42, who has actually been recording a BBC documentary about her life with Harvey, says she doesnt even understand if Orlando understands that he has a bro.

She informed The Sun: “His dad has actually never ever stuck up for him. Its an odd one – I do not understand why and I do not comprehend why he doesnt want to be in touch.

She went on to ask what Harvey has actually done to be denied of a relationship with his dad and the possibility to satisfy his brother, who may not even understand about him.

The BBC show will record Katies life as her childs carer.

” At the end of the day Harvey has actually done absolutely nothing wrong, hes innocent and is worthy of to understand his daddy and fulfill his half-brother.”.

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