Katie Price makes heartbreaking decision to put her son Harvey, 18, into full-time care – Daily Mail

Impairment: Harvey, whose dad is footballer Dwight Yorke, was born with septo-optic dysplasia- a condition that implies the advancement of his optic nerve was unpredictable.

Heartbreaking: Harveys father, retired footballer Dwight Yorke is absent from his boys life (Katie visualized with Dwight in 2001).

I need to learn to let go however its hard – anybody in my position understands how difficult it is. We have an incredible bond. I dont know how Harvey will respond or how hell feel when I cant get to him.

The previous design stated Harveys new chapter will bring him the chance to have as much as an independent life as he can and discover new abilities..
Katie has actually spent six months checking out colleges for children with autism and discovering impairments in order to discover the finest place for Harvey, and is hoping hell be able to begin at their top choice later this year..
I require to learn to let go but its tough – anybody in my position knows how tough it is. I do not know how Harvey will react or how hell feel when I cant get to him.

The television star included Harveys breathing has become worse in recent months, but says he will be able to swim and work out with qualified experts at the college.
In June Harvey was hurried to extensive care after having problem breathing. He experienced severe chest-pains and a skyrocketing temperature level and was believed to be at danger of organ failure..
Katie remembered seeing 8 medical professionals crowding around him in the resuscitation space and said she was frightened by the dreadful experience. He was discharged after 10 days..
Katie decided to put Harvey in part-time care in April 2019..
The mother-of-five openly admitted on her program that she had no option but to send out Harvey, who was 16 at the time, to the care centre, as she confesseds selfish of her to keep him in your home..
The previous glamour model admitted: I do not desire him to go, but the physicians and my mum state it is the best thing for him..
The star then described to the video camera: What they can use Harvey that I cant, is daily workout, a food plan, he cant go into the cupboards and eat. Hell hang out with his friends, its more freedom for him..

The My Crazy Life star– who is likewise mother to Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, whom she has with her ex-husband Peter Andre, and Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, added: When hes 3 hours away it will break my heart since I will not be able to arrive as Ive got to handle him with my other kids..
Harveys autism suggests he can have violent outbursts, such as head butting walls and smashing iPads, if he hears loud noises or slamming doors..
And Katie said she decided to position Harvey in full-time look after worry of him being sectioned under the Mental Health Act if he lashed out in public and was deemed a risk to society..
The star included Harveys weight indicates she can no longer calm him down on her own..
Katie described Harvey is delighted about the prospect of entering into full-time care, after previously going to a property college five days a week..

Tough: Describing his condition as a horrible and harsh health problem, the truth star described how her kid is continuously starving and will lose his temper if he does not get his food.

I need to get him the help he deserves: Katie Price is putting her 18-year-old child Harvey into full-time care (imagined last year).

Emotional: It comes as Katie mentally stated her boy Harvey is not a thing to satirize as she stated being a mum to a handicapped son is a badge of honour.

Full-time care: The star, 42, states shes made the heartbreaking decision to send her oldest child- who has a number of health conditions- to a residential college (visualized in November).

Family: Katie said her other four kids; Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, 6, will miss out on Harvey at the weekends (visualized last year).

The teenager is likewise on the autistic spectrum, is partly blind, put on weight quickly since he suffers from Prader– Willi syndrome, and discovers mobility hard..
Katie told The Sun: Its so distressing to think I will not see him every day however this is the finest thing for Harvey and we have to believe positively due to the fact that I do not want him to think Im simply getting rid of him..

But Harvey needed to move back house in March last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Over the last 6 months, the teens behaviour has got gradually worse..
She told The Sun in November: Hell smash things up if you say no. Ive needed to re-plaster my walls due to the fact that hell slam holes in them with his head..
He knows what good things taste of. Ill give him sweet potato chips instead of genuine french fries but he knows the distinction..
She continued: Its not what he eats in the day, its what he consumes when I do not see him. Ive tried concealing food however hell discover it..
Katie went on to say that anybody in the home darent leave remaining food lying around as Harvey is truly fast and will make sure to consume it.
Continuing to describe her struggle with Harveys pressing cravings, Katie previously described to the publication how shes taken extreme actions to attempt and minimize his consuming and has even started to padlock the refrigerator..

Worries: Katie stated the primary focus is to bring Harveys weight down, saying she needs to get him the help he deserves due to the fact that he will pass away if he does not exercise.

Katie also stated that Harvey, who now wears 7XL clothes, does not understand why she wants him to slim down.
The worried mum explained how he gets out of breath and sweaty simply strolling up the stairs which she agonises over his increasing weight, because now the weight is on, the damage has already been done..
It comes as Katie emotionally declared her kid Harvey is not a thing to satirize as she said being a mum to a disabled child is a badge of honour on Instagram on Thursday..
Promoting the new BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me on BBC One, Katie wrote: I wished to share what truly goes on behind closed doors..
Harvey isnt a thing to satirize, hes my child, he gets rid of mountains and challenges everyday that other people take for granted – being a single moms and dad of a disabled child is a badge of honour for me!.
The documentary will air later this month on Monday 25 January on BBC One..

Katie Price is putting her 18-year-old boy Harvey into full-time care.
The tv character, 42, stated she has made the heartbreaking choice to send her oldest child- who experiences a number of health conditions- to a property college.
Katie said Harvey will live there till hes 25 and believes the relocation is crucial for his well-being as, at 6ft2ins and 29 stone, she can no longer limit him if he has a state of mind swing and worries he might be sectioned if she doesnt act now..

Katie added her four other children will miss Harvey when he is not around at weekends..
The teenager is supposed to begin at his property college in September, however Katie isnt sure if he will in the middle of the ongoing global health crisis..
Katie said the primary focus is to bring Harveys weight down, stating she needs to get him the assistance he deserves since he will die if he doesnt work out.

Harvey, whose dad is footballer Dwight Yorke, was born with septo-optic dysplasia- a condition that implies the development of his optic nerve was unforeseeable.

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