Loose Women defend devoted mum Katie Prices decision to put son Harvey, 18, into full-time care – Daily Mail

Speaking up: Stacey, 31, on the other hand commented on the tough choice Katie has actually had to make, while saying on how the previous design has coped being Harveys primary carer.

The Loose Women panel have staunchly defended Katie Prices decision to put kid Harvey, 18, into full-time care, stating she is a devoted mum.
It was just recently exposed that the television personality, 42, will send her oldest kid, who suffers from a variety of health conditions, to a domestic college where he can lead a more independent life and learn brand-new skills..
And striking back at any naysayers on Fridays show, Katies previous Loose Women colleagues defended her as they stated: Anyone who stands in judgement must have a look at themselves..

Of her decision, Katie told The Sun: Its so distressing to believe I wont see him every day but this is the best thing for Harvey and we need to think favorably due to the fact that I dont want him to believe Im simply eliminating him..
The previous model said Harveys brand-new chapter will bring him the opportunity to have as much as an independent life as he can and learn brand-new abilities..
Katie has invested six months going to colleges for kids with autism and finding out disabilities in order to find the very best location for Harvey, and is hoping hell have the ability to begin at their top option later this year..
The mother-of-five is discovering it hard to let go as she has an unbelievable bond with her eldest son..
I need to find out to let go but it is difficult – anyone in my position understands how difficult it is. We have an extraordinary bond. I do not know how Harvey will respond or how hell feel when I cant get to him. Its too uncomfortable to think of, she stated..

Defence: Speaking on the show, panellists Nadia Sawalha, Kaye Adams, Stacey Solomon and Judi Love tossed their assistance behind the star and emphasised how much she likes her kid.

Speaking on the program, panellists Nadia Sawalha, Kaye Adams, Stacey Solomon and Judi Love threw their support behind the star and emphasised just how much she enjoys her son..
Nadia, 56, started: Ive seen Katie with Harvey, like much of us have and nobody can reject the incredible relationship they have.
She adores that kid and I think we can all picture how hard it needs to be for her on one hand to make that choice..
But shes making a really good mothers decision since this is obviously the very best thing for him, Kaye?.

Its so hard and anybody who stands in judgement must have a look at themselves..
Stacey, 31, meanwhile talked about the difficult choice Katie has actually needed to make, while mentioning on how the previous design has coped being Harveys primary carer.
This need to be among her most tough choice she has ever needed to make.
She is so devoted, incredible mum. She is on her own with Harvey, she had help from her mum who now isnt well.

Understanding: While Judi, 40, added: What individuals require to comprehend is that these choices arent taken gently and its a holistic technique whichs the choice she has to take.

She adores that kid: Nadia, 56, began: Ive seen Katie with Harvey, like much of us have and nobody can deny the incredible relationship they have.

I require to get him the aid he deserves: Katie is putting her 18-year-old kid Harvey into full-time care (visualized last year) as she believes the move is crucial for his wellness.

Heartbreaking: Harveys father, retired footballer Dwight Yorke is missing from his childs life (Katie imagined with Dwight in 2001).

Harvey, whose daddy is retired footballer Dwight Yorke, 49, was born with septo-optic dysplasia – a condition that indicates the advancement of his optic nerve was unforeseeable..
The teenager is likewise on the autistic spectrum, is partly blind, gains weight easily because he suffers from Prader– Willi syndrome, and finds mobility tough.

There is no other carer– especially with these last nine months it would have shown her how hard it is to be a sole carer.
I cant envision what a tough choice this is. I cant picture it..
While Judi, 40, included: What people require to comprehend is that these choices arent ignored and its a holistic method whichs the decision she has to take..
Concluding their messages of support, Nadia stated: From us to you, a huge, huge hug..

Katie included her 4 other kids will miss Harvey when he is not around at weekends..
The teen is expected to start at his domestic college in September, however Katie isnt sure if he will in the middle of the continuous global health crisis..
Katie said the primary focus is to bring Harveys weight down, saying she requires to get him the aid he should have because he will die if he does not work out..
The tv star added Harveys breathing has actually got worse in recent months, however says he will be able to go swimming and exercise with experienced specialists at the college.
In June, Harvey was hurried to intensive care after having trouble breathing. He experienced severe chest-pains and a skyrocketing temperature and was believed to be at danger of organ failure..

Family: Katie said her other four kids; Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, 6, will miss Harvey at the weekends (envisioned in 2015).

Opinion: Katie is making an extremely hard choice and a required one. Harvey is 18. He concerns himself as a guy and to be blunt, Katie has to believe “Im not going to be here permanently”.

Full-time care: Its so disturbing to think I wont see him every day however this is the very best thing for Harvey and we need to think favorably since I dont desire him to believe Im simply getting rid of him (envisioned in November).

Impairment: Harvey, whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke, was born with septo-optic dysplasia- a condition that means the advancement of his optic nerve was unpredictable.

With Kaye, 58, then responding: I should echo what you stated there Nadia and I think we all would..
She is a dedicated mom and seeing Katies scenario there I make sure there will be a lot of households in this nation who have children with unique requirements and disabilities, who have actually had among the hardest years of their life..
I imply if we think we have had a difficult time. A lot of break care and support has been removed by requirement due to the fact that of coronavirus, but I truly take my hat off to everybody who has actually survived this year..
She went on to include: Katie is making an incredibly challenging choice and an essential one. Harvey is 18. He regards himself as a man and to be blunt, Katie has to think “Im not going to be here forever”..

Katie is likewise mom to son Junior, 15, and daughter Princess, 13, with her ex-husband Peter Andre, 47, and boy Jett, seven, and daughter Bunny, 6, with former partner Kieran Hayler, 33.
The My Crazy Life star added: When hes three hours away it will break my heart since I wont have the ability to get there as Ive got to handle him with my other kids..
Harveys autism suggests he can have violent outbursts, such as head butting walls and smashing iPads, if he hears loud sounds or slamming doors..
And Katie said she decided to put Harvey in full-time take care of worry of him being sectioned under the Mental Health Act if he snapped in public and was considered a danger to society..
The star added Harveys weight means she can no longer soothe him down on her own..
Katie described Harvey is thrilled about the prospect of entering into full-time care, after previously going to a residential college five days a week..

Her young boy: Katie, 42, will send her eldest child, who suffers from a variety of health conditions, to a property college where he can lead a more independent life and discover new skills.

Harvey will live in the center till hes 25 and Katie has actually stated she thinks the move is vital for his wellness because she can no longer limit the at 6ft2in and 29 stone teen if he has a state of mind swing – and fears he could be sectioned if she does not act now..

Advocates: The Loose Women panel have staunchly safeguarded Katie Prices decision to put son Harvey, 18, into full-time care, specifying she is a devoted mum.


Assistance: Following her announcement, Katie got a flood of assistance from Twitter users.

Hard: Describing his condition as a dreadful and terrible health problem, the truth star described how her boy is continuously starving and will lose his temper if he does not get his food.

Katie likewise stated that Harvey, who now uses 7XL clothing, doesnt understand why she wants him to drop weight.
The anxious mum discussed how he gets sweaty and out of breath just strolling up the stairs which she agonises over his increasing weight, since now the weight is on, the damage has currently been done..
It comes as Katie mentally stated her boy Harvey is not a thing to poke fun at as she said being a mum to a handicapped boy is a badge of honour on Instagram on Thursday..
She has previously said that one of the hardest parts about Harveys condition has been having others blame her for her childs disability, which she has actually described was a one-in-a-million possibility..
She has stated: Its nobodys fault … Thats why its still so upsetting when individuals say its my fault. Its not.
I did head out. I was single, I was heading out. However they d get images of me coming out of the club looking drunk despite the fact that I was driving.
I had great deals of speculation with his issues, and I was blamed for my partying. I wasnt consuming at all..
In 2019, Katie revealed her worries over Harvey stating she hopes she outlives him, since he would not be able to cope without her..
Speaking candidly about her relationship with her kid,, the previous glamour model, stated that she frets how Harvey would take care of himself..
Katie informed The Sun that she stresses how Harvey would cope on his own due to his intricate medical needs..
She stated: I understand its awful to state, but I want he d go prior to me since he would not cope without me.
He d be so sad and wouldnt comprehend where I d gone..
Back in 2013, Katie told The Guardian that she would never ever put her son in care and called domestic homes evil..
She said: Hell always live in the house. Hes not leaving me. There are a lot of wicked individuals out there.
She also stated she doesnt desire her other children to wind up looking after Harvey when they are older since she believes its her task..
Katie has not surprisingly had a change of heart about care homes after discovering what would be best for her son..
And no doubt she has currently seen him thriving remaining in property care 5 days a week..
Promoting her brand-new BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me on BBC One, Katie composed: I wanted to share what truly goes on behind closed doors..
Harvey isnt a thing to satirize, hes my boy, he conquers barriers and mountains everyday that other people take for approved. Being a single moms and dad of a handicapped child is a badge of honour for me!.
The documentary will air later this month on Monday January 25 on BBC One..

Harvey Prices case history ….

Might 27, 2002.
He was born and was yet to be identified with Prader-Willi syndrome partial loss of sight and being on the autistic spectrum.
Quickly after he was born, Harvey was continuously thirsty and gaining weight rapidly, causing initial suggestions that he could be experiencing the unusual disorder, septo-optic dysplasia (SOD).
Aged just three, Harvey weighed 5 and a half stone and was wearing clothing for 16 year olds.
He was then identified with Prader-Willi syndrome – the genetic condition that causes excess eating and weight problems – in addition to diabetes inspipidus, autism, attention deficit condition and oppositional defiance condition which triggers agression.
Harvey spent 3 months in hospital after burning himself when he ran himself a bath with boiling water.
Katie exposes Harveys conditions are so serious that he would pass away without medication and requires round-the clock care.
July 2020.
Harvey was raced to healthcare facility recently after he experiencing breathing problems and a fever and was kept in an extensive care unit.

He knows what good things taste of. Ill provide him sweet potato chips rather of genuine french fries but he understands the difference..
She continued: Its not what he eats in the day, its what he consumes when I dont see him. Ive attempted hiding food but hell discover it..
Katie went on to say that anyone in your house darent leave remaining food lying around as Harvey is truly fast and will be sure to eat it.
Continuing to describe her battle with Harveys pressing cravings, Katie formerly explained to the publication how shes taken extreme actions to try and minimize his consuming and has even started to padlock the fridge..

Essential journey: Former glamour model Katie, who has actually taken care of Harvey since birth, covered her face with a mask on the trip and wore a Gucci tracksuit and red fur gilet.

Katie recalled seeing 8 medical professionals crowding around him in the resuscitation room and said she was terrified by the dreadful experience. He was discharged after 10 days.
Following her statement, Katie received a flood of support from Twitter users.
One wrote: As Ive said previously, in all my time working in health centers, Katie Price was the most knowledgable and passionate supporter for their kid that Ive ever had the satisfaction of meeting. Horrendously mistreated however thats never stopped her learning, growing, and fighting..
Mentioned another: Katie Price has attempted for 18 years. When they have no clue how it is to be a main carer for a child with such complex specials needs, I cant think some of the awful remarks people have actually made. Her decision to put Harvey into an assisted living scheme deffo wasnt simple..

She went on to include: Katie is making an extremely tough choice and a needed one. Harvey is 18. Harvey is 18. I dont understand how Harvey will respond or how hell feel when I cant get to him. Her choice to put Harvey into an assisted living plan deffo wasnt easy..

Worries: Katie stated the main focus is to bring Harveys weight down, saying she requires to get him the assistance he deserves because he will pass away if he does not work out.

Prader-Willi syndrome is an unusual hereditary condition that causes problems including consistent advises to consume food, restricted growth and lowered muscle tone.
Other prospective problems consist of discovering troubles, absence of sexual advancement and behavioral problems such as temper tantrums or stubbornness.
The unusual condition, which affects one in every 15,000 children born in England, is triggered by a defect on chromosome number 15 – and happens by opportunity.
Since there is no cure, treatment aims to handle the signs– with parents of patients prompted to get their kids to stay with a healthy, well balanced diet.
Kids with the syndrome can eat up to 6 times more than children of the very same age– and still feel hungry.
It was first described in 1956 by Swiss doctors A Prader, A Labhart and H Willi..

The star then discussed to the electronic camera: What they can offer Harvey that I cant, is daily workout, a food plan, he cant go into the cupboards and eat. Hell hang out with his pals, its more flexibility for him..
However Harvey had to return home in March last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Over the last 6 months, the teenagers behaviour has actually got progressively worse..
She told The Sun in November: Hell smash things up if you state no. Ive needed to re-plaster my walls because hell bash holes in them with his head..

Out and about: Following the statement, Katie and her partner Carl Woods were spotted taking their pet dogs to the groomers in Essex on Monday.

So much can be said about Katie Price, honestly, composed a third, however one thing I will never doubt is that she is a doting mom who LOVES her children. I dont even follow her LIKE THAT & & its blatant to see..
Katie made the decision to put Harvey in part-time care in April 2019..
The mother-of-five candidly admitted on her program that she had no option however to send out Harvey, who was 16 at the time, to the care centre, as she confesseds selfish of her to keep him at house..
The former glamour design confessed: I dont want him to go, but the doctors and my mum state it is the very best thing for him..

Psychological: It comes as Katie emotionally stated her kid Harvey is not a thing to poke enjoyable at as she said being a mum to a disabled son is a badge of honour.

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