Man behind TikTok Sea Shanty craze speaks out: “Sea Shanties appeal to everyone” –

Sea shanties are more browsed now than at any time in Google history ⛵ ⚓
— GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) January 12, 2021

According to Google Trends, Nathans efficiencies have actually led to “sea shanties” enjoying their biggest-ever appeal in the search engines history.

” So I believe its the truth you can get everyone involved, everybody can participate, you dont require to always be able to sing, the words are simple and it is simply the beat and the voices. I believe its a little bit of everything that attract everyone.”

” One day I was providing a parcel to a woman and as I was handing it over she gave me an amusing look and said: Ive seen you on my phone.”.

He included: “Three or four people have identified me.

“When they were initially sung they were created to keep everyone in time with the work they were doing,” Nathan included.

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