Man guilty of murdering partners 12-week-old baby boy after violent assault –

Kane Mitchell was coping with his partner Lucci Smith and her kids when little Teddie Mitchell got ravaging injuries.

” He received fatal injuries as an outcome of being gripped hard, shaken intensely and having his head struck against a hard surface area,” stated Mr Khalil.

Lucci Smith was condemned of ruthlessness to a child, as she “wilfully overlooked him in a way likely to trigger him unneeded suffering or injury to health”.

” In the course of that, he suffered rib fractures, fractures to his collar bone and a fractured skull.

Mitchell is not Teddies biological daddy however was living in St Neots with Smith who had children from a previous relationship.

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Child Teddie Mitchell passed away in hospital.
( Image: PA).

The 31-year-old was charged with the murder of the baby, and causing or enabling serious harm to a kid in between August 16, 2019, the day Teddie was born, and October 31.

The pair are set to be sentenced on February 5.

The kid sustained his injuries on November 1, 2019, and died in health center 10 days later November 11, 2019.

Throughout the trial Karim Khalil QC, opened the prosecution case, stating Teddie was “subjected to a violent attack”.

A man has been found guilty of killing his sweethearts 12-week-old infant in a “violent attack”.

Mitchell has actually been remanded in custody to wait for sentencing, while Smith has actually been released on bail.

” The forces involved gave him major brain injuries from which he died.”.

The 29-year-old was discovered not guilty of triggering or permitting major physical harm to a kid, or causing or permitting the death of a kid.

When he passed away, he was just 12 weeks old
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Teddies mum was convicted of kid cruelty.
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The jury found him guilty of both murder and cruelty or permitting severe physical damage to come to a child at Cambridge Crown Court today, Cambridgeshire Live reports.

Kane Mitchell was condemned of murder.
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