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Regardless of the professional dancers passion to recuperate, Christopher has doubts that Yebin, 36, will accomplish her aim of performing with Graham, 55, on the 2nd episode of the program.
He stated: She has the will, which is 90 percent of everything when youre getting back as an athlete. It wasnt in a lift however ice is so unforgiving.
Youre a minuscule far from a disaster and thats what has to do with this program, it is hazardous and live..
Jayne included: You can skate with stitches however it depends upon the depth of the injury. Chris has skated with stitches throughout the years since hes had lots of little kicks from me.

Ice is so unforgiving: Christopher, of Torvill and Dean, alerted the injury might happen to any of the Dancing On Ice candidates as the program is live and dangerous.

Dangerous: Torvill and Dean admit they have actually skated with serious injuries over the years and confirm it is possible to carry out soon after having stitches.

Appreciation: Pro skater Yebin was painfully hurt on Thursday and stayed overnight in a medical facility as she got treatment, with her later thanking NHS staff for their service.

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Uncomfortable: Phillip Schofield has actually reacted to Dancing On Ice professional Yebin Moks shocking injury, stating you could see the tendons in her leg.

Jayne, 63, said: This was an especially nasty one. Weve all had a kick on the shin but this was a bit moreover. A lot more than that and I believe she had to stay overnight in a healthcare facility so it wasnt like going to get a few stitches..
Phil included: With this one, this was a surprise, you could see the tendons..

Chris described: I think he was skating around, caught a toe choice, decreased, Yebin was by his side and by the freakiness of the fall she landed on the heel of his blade and it has actually taken a huge portion out of her.
She has actually been messaging with me and she stated you understand what I think I can make the 2nd program, Ill be great but the truth is, she believes that, however what has to occur is the healing and whatever..

Phillip Schofield has responded to Dancing On Ice professional Yebin Moks stunning injury, saying you could see the tendons in her leg.
Judge Christopher Dean, 62, joined host Phil, 58, in sharing his distress towards the freak accident– with the Olympic skater exposing Yebin, whos partnered with Graham Bell, is identified to return for the second live program.
In a new interview, Torvill and Dean alerted that Dancing On Ice candidates are always a tiny far from a catastrophe and the ice is so unforgiving.

Ill be great: Christopher Dean revealed Yebin, whos partnered with Graham Bell, is figured out to return for the second live program but he doubts she will make a speedy recovery.

I would imagine this is so deep that it needs to heal correctly or it may start bleeding once again if she puts weight on it..
Holly Willoughby, 39, who confesses to feeling squeamish at the large mention of Yebins injury, is eagerly anticipating the program returning, as its one the whole household can view together in lockdown.
She stated: It is January, it has actually been terrible and rubbish, we need a little escapism, we require to all take a seat.
Trying to find things to view as a household where were all relaxing the TELEVISION is not that simple, thank God for The Masked Singer.
As a parent I am so grateful for this program coming back since it appertains household viewing that everyone can sit down and watch together..
Dancing On Ice, begins on Sunday 17th January at 6pm on ITV.

You might see the tendons: Phillip Schofield reacts to Dancing On Ice pro Yebin Moks stunning injury– as she wants to return to second live program
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