PS4 FMV Thriller Erica Launches on iOS – Push Square

The titles free to download for your smart device or tablet, although youll have to cough up $2.99 to play the complete thing. The original release was designed to make the most of Sonys smartphone-focused PlayLink innovation, so we imagine its made the transition to touch gadgets incredibly well. Of course, if you have not played it on the PS4 yet its still well worth having a look at on your TELEVISION also.

Flavourworks remarkably strong FMV thriller Erica, which first launched in 2019 on the PlayStation 4, has been ported to iOS and is readily available to download now. The title– originally released by Sony– sees you direct a character called Erica, as she attempts to discover her past. Its a tale with a branching story, which we rather enjoyed in our review.

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