Red Dead Redemption 2 dataminer finds parachuting files they think relate to GTA 6 – Gamesradar

Another rumour also suggests GTA 6 may include a female lead character..

A dataminer claims to have actually found recommendations to parachuting in Red Dead Redemption 2s files that might connect to GTA 6..

Simply just recently, more datamined files in the most recent GTA 5 update led some to speculate that the PS5 version of GTA 5 could utilize Red Dead Redemption 2s variation of the Rockstars RAGE video game engine, or at least make use of the games updated UI. With this in mind, the presumption is that the same engine is also being utilized for the development of GTA 6, which is why we could possibly see files from the rumoured follow up appear in Red Dead Redemption 2s files..
While other fans are likewise hypothesizing that these parachuting files might relate to the aforementioned next-gen broadened and improved GTA 5 port set to release sometime in 2021 on PS5, rollschuh2282 argues that since the file is in the PC version of RDR2 from 2019, it more likely relates to GTA 6 if its been in development for quite some time as previous rumours suggest. Rollschuh2282 claims “that parachuting is carried out into the core engine itself, which is why there is a setting in the gameconfig to allow parachuting but is set to false.
Rockstar has yet to formally validate GTA 6 is in the works, but teases and rumours have actually kept fans digging for additional information. While we can only speculate from these files, its definitely provided rise to some intriguing theories online..

The GTA forum post by rollschuh2282, which was shared on Reddit, shows a screenshot of recommendations to parachuting in RDR2.exe files. Interestingly, rollschuh2282 highlights that a file exists in Red Dead Redemption 2s files that cant be discovered in the gta5.exe files, which has actually resulted in speculation that it might be parachuting files from the much-rumoured GTA 6..

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