Samsung plans to expand S-Pen to additional devices in the future

For many years, the S Pen has been a standard function of the Galaxy Note series. Speaking to SamMobile, the South Koreans said that they “plan to broaden the S Pen experience throughout extra device classifications in the future”.
Samsungs declaration so far leaves open which devices or device categories will be compatible with an S Pen in the future. Here, an S Pen could be a welcome new addition for fans of the collapsible mobile phone.

Apparently, the assistance for the S Pen in the Galaxy S21 Ultra was just the primary step. Samsung now said that the stylus might be utilized with additional device classifications in the future.

For many years, the S Pen has actually been a basic feature of the Galaxy Note series. With compatibility with the brand-new Galaxy S21 Ultra, this limitation does no longer exist and users can eagerly anticipate a lot more in the future, according to the company. Speaking with SamMobile, the South Koreans stated that they “plan to expand the S Pen experience throughout additional device categories in the future”.
While the now-unveiled S Pen for the S21 Ultra doesnt currently have all the familiar functions known from Samsungs stylus on the Galaxy Note 20, it also does not need charging. An enhanced S Pen Plus is said to provide the Bluetooth features understood from the Note series later on this year.
S Pen: Which devices could gain from a stylus?
Samsungs statement up until now leaves open which gadgets or gadget classifications will work with an S Pen in the future. In the past, however, there have actually been duplicated rumours according to which, for instance, the Galaxy Z Fold could follow in the steps of the Galaxy Note. Here, an S Pen might be a welcome brand-new addition for fans of the foldable smartphone.

Another apparent addition, of course, would be future designs in the S series that dont have the “Ultra” appendage in their name. Aside from these smartphones, nevertheless, Samsung uses other fascinating devices that could take advantage of the S-Pen.
S-Pen support in more notebooks or tablets?
While Samsungs Tab S series can currently be run with a stylus, this choice is presently missing in the more affordable designs of the Tab A, for instance. Here, a more affordable pen might potentially also find lots of brand-new good friends in the future.
Considering that Samsung clearly talks about “extra device classifications” in its declaration, support for Windows note pads or Chromebooks can not be eliminated either. The businesss self-described “vibrant” choice to “expand the S-Pen experience to Galaxy S21 Ultra” could hence end up impacting the South Koreans whole product lineup. Who understands, perhaps in the future you will be able to submit the digital wish list in the refrigerator door rather typically with a pen or use the smart TV as a white boards.

Samsungs Galaxy S21 Ultra can be run with the S-Pen./ © Samsung

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