Saved by the Bells Dustin Diamond diagnosed with cancer after ignoring lump – Mirror Online

It read: “At this time we can confirm that Dustin does have cancer. Dustin will disclose more information once it is offered and a plan progressing is made.

” We ask everyone to respect Dustins privacy during this tough time. All positivity and prayers are valued.”

Dustin is in medical facility in Florida, where he was originally confessed on Tuesday to undergo tests, and his group have asked fans to send messages that they can hand down to the star.

Dustin Diamond has been diagnosed with cancer after being hospitalised previously in the week.

Dustin Diamond has actually been diagnosed with phase 4 cancer
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Dustin Diamond as Screech in Saved by the Bell.
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” Right now we dont understand how bad it is or where it has spread.

He was admitted to medical facility after experiencing pains across his body and now his worst fears have been confirmed with a cancer diagnosis.

” He was scared of somebody taking photos of it and posting it online.”.

Dustins close pal Dan Block has told The Sun that he had a “huge swelling” on his neck but the actor had put off getting it inspected.

Dustins Facebook page verified the news in a declaration for his fans.

TMZ has actually reported that Dustin is already undergoing his very first round of chemotherapy to fight the cancer.

They included on the program: “Hes opting for testing. He hasnt been feeling well. Hes at an undisclosed healthcare facility in Florida. We are expecting a speedy healing.”.

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” It began off as a growth on his neck – a big swelling on his throat – and it was extremely noticeable.

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Dan stated: “Dustin has cancer – we do not know what type or how innovative – well discover tomorrow.

The 44-year-old actor, who made his name playing Screech in popular 90s reveal Saved by the Bell, was reportedly scared to get a lump on his neck had a look at.

He apparently has stage 4 cancer, but an associate for Dustin told the Today show on Thursday that “its serious, however we do not understand how serious yet.”.

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