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There are numerous intriguing NPCs out and about in Valhalla, from serious service quests like the 3 pagan witch sisters from King Lear dotted around East Anglia, to the more whimsical, like lady living in a sewer demanding snake entrails, or guy who truly likes baseball, in some way. Among the fun things about the video game is that you never ever know when you may face one, and whether itll spin off into rather an involved side quest.
When I saw these cliffs, for instance, I resembled, “Wow, I wonder if I discuss there Ill run into a murder mystery where two polices, one a gruff depressive and one a non-nonsense working mum, will begin at odds but create regard and a caring friendship.” Is Broadchurch way too dark for an Air Conditioning video game, and embeded in Dorset which is beyond the scope of the Valhalla map? Yes. Still. It could have happened.

Anyhow, here is what took place (spoilers for this specific mission which I have overthought):.
Me and my crew (and cat) were sailing happily down the river when we heard, on the bank someplace in between Croindene and Guildford, a woman grumbling loudly at her daddy (whose name I have actually forgotten, so I will refer to as Dad) for imminently pushing her in the river to drown. And like, she was mad about it, however sounded mainly exasperated; her tone had to do with appropriate for if he d forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer in the morning so now they couldnt have the chicken for supper and she d been really looking forward to the chicken.
Clearly I hopped off the ship to investigate. Griseld, the young lady in question, was being sacrificed because their farm was apparently being flooded by a satanic beast named Aflanc The Terrible. Griseld was meant to calm Aflanc, who definitely existed because some guy named Godfrey stated so.
So certainly I went for a swim and found that there wasnt a monster, just a shipwreck that sometimes burped out bubbles and flotsam. Griseld was bummed by this news, and Dad resembled, “Woah, no chance, however there totally is a beast though?” And after that Godfrey added and stated he d particularly informed Dad there wasnt a monster, and Dad had simply been searching for an excuse to murder Griseld since she irritated him by, for instance, stating he consumed too much and calling him a layabout. Griseld responded by kicking Dad out.

And then Godfrey ran up and stated he d specifically told Dad there wasnt a monster, and Dad had simply been looking for a reason to murder Griseld since she annoyed him by, for example, saying he consumed too much and calling him a layabout. Griseld responded by kicking Dad out.

Oh my god, what a champion of men. What an absolute hero. To end up being so incensed at what is, at best, a minor annoyance, that you create a sincere belief in a big beast as a factor to kill her. Big Old Testament energy.
Why go to such lengths? Offered the historic context he could plainly have actually simply killed her and stated a bandit did it. Or just pressed her in and said it was an accident.
Like, in The Witcher 3 every town you go to has a ghost that they firmly insist has actually been haunting their old apple orchard for hundreds of years, when even the most brief examination reveals it is the ghost of a teenage lady who went missing three weeks earlier, and whose blood is still noticeable on the ground. Father might probably have just kicked some dead leaves over Griselds body and, if anyone even bothered to ask, said “the bitch had it coming, she called me a layabout.”.
Who is Godfrey ?? His relationship to any party here is not discussed.
Likewise what the hell, Godfrey, why are you just turning up just now, after I have currently resolved the issue? Its not like this was being done covertly. This prospective murder is an event. There is a little crowd. What else were you doing that was so important, Godfrey? Were you hiding in the bushes to await the most narratively dramatic moment to arrive and expose Dads dreadful trick?
Griseld is actually relaxed about this whole thing and I respect her for it but I am likewise fretted.
However seriously this man has actually gone to a lot effort to drown his daughter. He has actually pretended to busily think there is an unsafe monster living in the river, for a concealed amount of time. He probably has a reputation.
Envision him painstakingly gathering and after that spreading all the petals all over.
He is clearly not a layabout.
I am on his side tbqh.

Just recently I have been investing a great deal of time in Assassins Creed Valhalla galloping around the east and south east. There are some charming views around Kent and Dover, and its nice to go to the beach sometimes rather of traipsing through the damp fecundity of the more forested locations in Mercia.
This means I have been hoovering up a few of the side missions (or regional mysteries) in the location that I missed previously, and among them, although it took all of 3 minutes to complete, actually made me laugh. Its about a sea beast called Aflanc The Terrible, only its really the most theatrical attempt at filicide ever, and the NPC included has my long-lasting respect.

Sadly I didnt handle to snap a screenshot of Dad, however he, his nondescript bathrobe and his balding head, are permanently with me. If there is any justice worldwide this will kickstart a big questline where I can set up Dad, tossed out of his daughters house, as a king someplace. Hes the ruler that Valhallas struggling times require: all set to make the difficult, and extremely out of all percentage decisions.
What Im saying is that much of the side quests in Valhalla are absolutely ridiculous, and I love them even more for it.

Were you hiding in the bushes to wait for the most narratively dramatic minute to show up and expose Dads awful secret?
Regretfully I didnt handle to snap a screenshot of Dad, but he, his nondescript bathrobe and his baldness head, are permanently with me. If there is any justice in the world this will kickstart a huge questline where I can set up Dad, kicked out of his childs home, as a king someplace.

So my thoughts were, roughly in order, as follows:.

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