Squadron 51 Is a PS4 Shoot Em Up Inside a 1950s Sci-Fi Movie – Push Square

Squadron 51 is coming to PlayStation 4 at some point in 2021. What do you believe of this one?

One appearance at Squadron 51, and youll understand exactly what its gunning for. From publisher Assemble Entertainment, this is basically a 2D shoot em up, however its the presentation that sets it apart. While the majority of shmups are super colourful with futuristic backgrounds, this one goes the other way, adopting the look of a 50s sci-fi movie.
That means a white and black, film grainy look as you pilot an old-school fighter plane against glossy, spinning UFOs. It certainly looks the part, but what of the video game itself? Well, there will be 4 aircraft to pick from, and you can personalize them with a series of unique weapons. The levels will be stressed by FMV cutscenes, which should be a treat. It even supports drop-in drop-out co-op with a 2nd player if you want to squad up with a pal.

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