The Oculus Rift 2 VR headset is £100 less on Amazon UK –

Whichever one youre more thinking about, weve set out the very best alternatives below for you to take a look at, or take a look at our review of Half Life: Alyx to see one of the very best video games going on both systems.

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This suggests that both the Rift 2 and Quest 2 are now at the very same rate, a tricky option for any aspiring VR buyer. Fortunately, our specialists at Digital Foundry have actually noted out the benefits of the 2 systems here. That being said, its worth keeping in mind that the Rift is created for PC usage, while the Quest is an all-in-one designed to be carried around.

Buy Oculus Quest 2 – ₤ 299.99.

For those whore searching for the opportunity to lose themselves in new worlds, the Oculus Rift 2 has actually dropped in cost by 25% on Amazon, down to ₤ 300.

Buy Oculus Rift 2 – ₤ 299.99.

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