Tower of Londons queen raven, Merlina, missing and feared dead – CNN

Merlina and the Ravenmaster are stated to have a “close bond”– making it unusual for her not to have returned.
Historic Royal Palaces

The raven would play techniques with him, the spokewoman said, and would constantly go back to her nest at the tower during the night after roaming easily.
The spokesperson said they thought she had more than likely died as it ran out character for her not to have actually returned.

Merlina was also a considerably independent bird, having actually only matched off with a male last year, the spokesperson added.
“Since joining us in 2007, Merlina was our undeniable ruler of the roost, Queen of the Tower Ravens.
“She will be significantly missed out on by her fellow ravens, the Ravenmaster, and all of us in the Tower community,” the spokeswoman included a statement.

Merlina, a 14-year-old raven at the Tower of London, is feared dead.
Historic Royal Palaces

A spokeswoman for Historic Royal Palaces informed CNN on Thursday that Merlina had flown off two weeks earlier and not returned, which “indicates to us that she might have regretfully passed away.”

But it likewise has a dark and bloody past, having actually been a jail for numerous hundreds of individuals, including Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes, and the execution location of Henry VI.
In the 1600s, Charles II decreed that 6 of the birds need to live at the tower at all times, otherwise the tower and the kingdom would fall. The tower will now be entrusted seven of the intelligent birds– Jubilee, Harris, Gripp, Rocky, Erin, Poppy and George– as they keep one spare for safekeeping.

Ravens have been a pillar at the Tower of London– Englands most well-known execution site– for centuries.
It was integrated in the 1070s by William the Conqueror as a castle and fortress and later on ended up being a place for royalty to keep arms and jewels. To this day, the Crown Jewels are kept on website, protected by a fort of soldiers.

(CNN)– Merlina, a 14-year-old raven and among the Tower of Londons irreversible homeowners, has actually gone missing out on and is feared dead.

The spokewoman told CNN that Merlina was a “unique” bird who had a “close bond” with Ravenmaster Christopher Skaife– whose task it is to look after the birds.

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