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Post credit scenes have become a regular occurrence in modern cinema, mainly popularised by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They can be nothing more than a funny Easter egg at the end of the main feature or can be a massive detail that some audience members will miss out on. Some of the best clues, twists and jokes have come in the gems hidden deep beneath the credits.

Since they have been popularised by Marvel, audiences now don’t want to leave their seats for fear of losing out on some valuable information that the filmmakers decided to hide.

Today, a movie with a post credit scene cannot go unnoticed. Fans search up every detail beforehand or camp out in their seats until the final black screen appears and the lights come up. However, there are plenty of movies who snuck in under the radar before fans even knew what to look for.

Pixar are notorious for sneaking in hidden details, be it an Easter egg or a link to some of their other movies. So, it is no surprise that they buried a little bonus scene at the end of Finding Nemo.

Many fans remember the terrifying angler fish from earlier on in the movie, the fish possessing a glowing light and needle-like teeth. Dory is then attracted to the light before it puts them in a rather dangerous situation.

Well, the angler fish got what it deserved. Pixar left a little post credit sequence of the frightening angler preparing to attack a feeble little fish. Before it can even show its menacing teeth, the tiny fish opens his mouth wide and swallows the predator whole. And it swims off into the deep.

The scene is completely unneeded but it is a funny little bonus scene for loyal fans that sat through the credits. And the audience got to see the little fish get the win in the end.

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