8 Popular Video Games The Industry Doesn’t Make Anymore – WhatCulture

United Front GamesIf youve matured with the video gaming industry the last few years, you may have noticed a “narrowing of scope” when it comes to which categories and video game mechanics get consistently produced by the upper tiers of production.

Where the late 80s encouraged the masses to offer video gaming another opportunity and the 90s took us into 3D with the medium-shaking similarity Metal Gear Solid and Ocarina of Time, the 2000s ended up being a hotbed for “Sure, why not!” video game design.
The PS2 remains the highest selling console for a factor, and its here where you saw every last idea – from franchise tie-ins to eccentric one-offs – getting greenlit by some very wealthy publishers.
Cut to the 2010s and with the market larger than ever, video game spending plans are now through the roofing. That indicates – to preserve the best graphics, animation and bankable solutions – only a particular set of concepts get through, once youre at a specific level of production.
As for the others? Well, outside furtive indie devs trying their finest, the bulk are put to the wayside for the foreseeable future.

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