Amazon Prime Members Can Claim Exclusive Fall Guys Goodies Today – Push Square

A big part of Fall Guys is the style, undoubtedly. If youre going to humiliate yourself bumbling through a series of mini-games alongside 59 other gamers, you might too look great while youre doing it. Blending and matching your unlocked clothing is all part of the fun, and more choices are always a good idea.
If you truly want to get the most out of Fashion Guys, you might want to look at Amazon Prime. The service has got its mitts on a special costume just available to Prime customers, which you can see above.
You can declare your goodies through this link, but will need to a minimum of be tasting the 30-day trial in order to capture them. It appears there will be more Fall Guys content exclusive to Prime Gaming in the future, too.

Have you got your paws on the Slushie Bear outfit for Fall Guys? Play dress-up in the comments section listed below.

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