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The brand-new Zombies map, Firebase Z, shows up on February 4 totally free.

In less than three weeks, “Firebase Z” will present Zombies fans to an all-new place embeded in the jungles of Vietnam, along with brand-new characters, brand-new opponents, brand-new gameplay mechanics, and much more. And, in keeping with Zombies tradition, a badass brand-new Wonder Weapon waits for.

In the coming weeks, well have more “Firebase Z” story information, new intel reveals, and the main gameplay trailer to share in the lead-up to launch. In the meantime, lets dive into the additional material coming to Zombies as Season One continues.

Ahh, we enjoy the odor of crispy zombies in the morning.

Friendly suggestion: if you havent found 100% of the in-game Intel concealed within “Die Maschine” and Onslaught yet, nows the time to complete your collection before the story continues!

In their article, Treyarch enters depth on the narrative origins of Firebase Z map, reveals the brand-new Tombstone Perk, provides updates on the Onslaught mode, and more.


Tier III — On death, drop a Tombstone stash that conserves your weapons, devices, and resources.

With the damage of the “Projekt Endstation” abnormality site in their wake, Grigori Weaver and the representatives of Requiem turn their attention to a far greater threat: a brand-new Dark Aether outbreak website in Southeast Asia.

Against all odds, Requiem forces will infiltrate the outpost to rendezvous with an Omega Group informant, conserve Samantha Maxis, and above all else, endure the brand-new horrors that await them in this abandoned research center.

To commemorate 115 Day, Treyarch has shared a brand-new blog post highlighting some of whats concerning Call of Task: Black Ops Cold War soon.

Youll have the ability to get a can from the Tombstone Perk machine in “Firebase Z,” and youll also find it in the Der Wunderfizz maker in “Die Maschine” on Feb. 4th. When in doubt, simply remember those timeless jingle lyrics: Rest in pieces, down for the count …

After finding out Agent Maxis has been caught by Omega Group, Weaver releases Requiems strike group to penetrate the facility where shes reportedly being held: Outpost 25.

As a result, Omega Groups scientific advancements in the last numerous months have far surpassed anything Requiem could have imagined.

Tombstones benefits only get much better from there. Each Perk features its own set of upgradeable Skills in Black Ops Cold War, and this ones no different. By investing Aetherium Crystals into your Tombstone Perk Skill, youll open the following upgrades:.

Today, were excited to debut the main logo design and brand-new narrative information for our next Zombies map.

When picking the next Perk to present to Zombies, the design team examined the full history of every Perk and ability from the past that centered around death, and ultimately rolled them into an exceptionally useful Perk for Black Ops Cold War. Tombstone Soda is all about manipulating and cheating the repercussions of death, and youll require it against the forces awaiting you in Vietnam.

Unlike its very first version in Black Ops II, the new-and-improved Tombstone Soda will now transform the player into a shadow within the Dark Aether after being downed. In this shadow form, youll be geared up with weapons to assist provide you a fighting chance to revive yourself. If your health is decreased to zero while in shadow kind, youre dead.

Keep an eye out for new audio logs, documents, radio communications, Dark Aether dispatches, and artifacts concealed throughout “Firebase Z” starting on Feb. 4th.

February 4th will also bring two new Support Scorestreaks to hire versus the undead: the devastating Artillery and always-satisfying Napalm Strike. When the action gets a little too hot, head over to the Crafting Table and turn the heat even greater.

SOURCE: Treyarch.


Tier I — Shadow form can regenerate health.

And of course, a brand-new Zombies map suggests brand-new in-game Intel. Watch out for brand-new audio logs, files, radio interactions, Dark Aether dispatches, and artifacts concealed throughout “Firebase Z” starting on Feb. 4th. You never understand what you might find.

Dimensional breaches continue to open all over the world. As both Omega and Requiem operate in the shadows to ensure the secrecy of their discoveries, the higher public stays blissfully uninformed of this lethal brand-new arms race in between East and West.

Firebase Z” will show up on February 4th throughout Season One, complimentary for all Black Ops Cold War gamers.

Omega Groups newest research study outpost represents their definite successes in utilizing Dark Aether technology for their own gains. Equipped with an on-site dimensional gateway, theyve acquired the capability to send out soldiers and other “conscripts” into the Dark Aether to gather Aetherium Crystals straight from the source.

As the two sides continue to study the Dark Aether measurement and the Aetherium Crystals found within, each makes every effort for an advantage over the other in the continuous Cold War. The bad news? Requiem has actually fallen behind.

Now– without ruining too much– lets enter into the story up until now.

As we may have not-so-subtly hinted on New Years Eve, were bringing a seventh Perk to Black Ops Cold War Zombies alongside the launch of “Firebase Z”: Tombstone Soda.

As the 2 sides continue to study the Dark Aether dimension and the Aetherium Crystals found within, each makes every effort for a benefit over the other in the ongoing Cold War. Requiem has actually fallen behind.

” But Treyarch,” you ask, “whats so new about Tombstone?” Thanks for asking. Excellent concern.

Tier II — Increase downed period to 60 seconds.



Tombstones benefits just get better from there. By investing Aetherium Crystals into your Tombstone Perk Skill, youll open the following upgrades:.

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