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Whatsapp will quickly begin sharing your data with Facebook if you live outside of Europe.
The messaging service was bought by Mark Zuckerbergs business back in 2014. At the time, it informed users their information would be kept personal and not shared with its brand-new parent business.

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After an approaching upgrade, individual information will be shared with Facebook as a condition of using the app.
Thanks to harder personal privacy laws, this will not hold true in Europe, consisting of the UK.
Is Whatsapp sharing my data with Facebook?
Whatsapp is upgrading its terms and privacy policy globally. , if you use the app you ought to soon see a pop up informing you of this.
You will then be offered to choice to accept these brand-new terms or click “not now”.

The social media giant informed Reuters in December: “Like other business, Facebook has actually had to make changes to react to Brexit and will be moving legal responsibilities and commitments for UK users from Facebook Ireland to Facebook Inc.”
It added: “There will be no modification to the personal privacy manages or the services Facebook uses to people in the UK.”
Going by this, Facebook is saying Whatsapp will not share your information even after the transition.
However, it will legally be able to do so, so could go back on this at any point in the future.

Whatsapp reversed this pledge in 2016 and started sharing data with Facebook, though permitted users to pull out.

The pop-up UK Whatsapp users will see (Photo: Whatsapp) However, if you decline the terms you will no longer be able to utilize the app.
Outside of Europe, these new terms enable Whatsapp to share your data with Facebook to, to name a few things, display personalised adverts.
Whatsapp does use end-to-end file encryption, so can not see or share the contents of your calls or messages.
In spite of Brexit, the UK still falls under Whatsapps European jurisdiction, so if you reside in the UK your information will not be shared.
A Whatsapp representative stated: “There are no modifications to WhatsApps data sharing practices in the European area arising from the updated terms of service and personal privacy policy.
” For the avoidance of any doubt, it is still the case that WhatsApp does not share European area WhatsApp user information with Facebook for the function of Facebook using this data to enhance its ads or items.”
Could my data be shared with Facebook in the future?
Facebook is because of move the UK out of the EUs personal privacy jurisdiction at some time this year, now that Brexit has been completed.

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